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CD Review: Flickertail – Hurry Up And Wait


Artist: Flickertail
Title: Hurry Up And Wait
Label: Golden Robot Records

Flickertail are new to my ears. These Irish-Australian rockers have delivered a very cool 5 song EP. You hear many influences in this EP, but they have borrowed wisely, and crafted it into their own tip of the hat and then some.

Though I can hear AC/DC in some songs, I also hear The Beatles and Oasis to go with it. You cannot help hearing Thunderstruck in the opening song “Let There Be Love”, but the awesome harmonies make you forget about it really quick.

“Talk” reminds me of The Killers somewhat. Don’t ask me why, it’s just the sound I get. Never the less it’s a great pop rock song with some twists and turns, which seem to be prevalent on this EP.

“Fade Away” really showcases the bands harmonies. With some cool dynamics and although a simple rock song, its effectiveness is not lost. “Green Eyed Girl” starts with some soaring guitar work, and the bluesy vibe verses is a great change and showcases the bands talents.

“Back Of My Mind” brings it back a little bit, with some moody verses, but also some killer falsetto in the choruses changes it all up. And what a better way to close out your EP than to have the guitar solo out! Love it.

Flickertail have given the public a great introduction with this EP. Sometimes the influences were very obvious, but once they have some more songs under their belt for a full-length album, I feel they will develop their own distinctive sound. Look forward to more from them.

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