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CD Review – Palace Of The King – Get Right With Your Maker


Artist: Palace Of The King
Title: Get Right With Your Maker
Label: Golden Robot Records

Palace Of The King don’t take any prisoners live or on record. The Australian band have returned with their latest offering “Get Right With Your Maker”, and once again they bring well-crafted songs, and phenomenal playing, making it a well-crafted album from front to back.

POTK_2POTK are comprised of Tim Henwood, Travis Dragani, Sean Johnston, and Anthony Licciardi Garcia. We had a chance to check out the new album, and here are our thoughts.

“I Am The Storm” starts off the album in an epic fashion, and even though it’s probably double the length of most songs released today, the listener has no time to put their attention elsewhere. Following up is “It’s Been A Long Time Coming”, which is straight up no bulls@#t rock n roll, with great riffs and an awesome sing along chorus.

Dragani leads off the next track “Sold Me Down A River” with some killer drum licks, which shows the talent and diversity of the whole bands playing, as does the next track “A Dog With A Bone”, which has some funky playing mixed with grooving rock riffs.

Sean Johnston’s killer keys lead off “Said The Spider To The Bird” and as someone that’s had the pleasure of seeing the band live, you cannot help but be mesmerized by Johnston when he gets going behind the keyboard live. “Move Through The Fire” is next and with its 70s inspired fuzzy guitars and vocals, reminds you of a time when music was just that, music. No Dj’s, No Protools, No Autotune. Real honest music.


“The Serpent” is one of my standouts on the album. The band is just firing on all cylinders and you can hear all the individual elements of POTK come together as one, and they just let fly about half way through, which carries it all the way to the end of the song.

“Horizon” is another straight up rocker, that you know is just going to go over so well in the live setting, I’m sure any of the folks over in Europe lucky enough to see the band on their upcoming tour, couldn’t help but get into this one should it make it into the set.

More of that cool 70’s fuzzy vibe again with “Fly Like An Evil” with some soaring choruses to boot, and even though it’s the shortest song on the album, it still has enough time to tell it’s the story. Finishing up the album is “Back On My Feet Again”, which truly shows a hard-working Aussie band at the top of their game, just slamming it out.

Palace Of The King is a band that should have at least one album in everyone’s collection. They don’t disappoint, no matter the setting. If you don’t own one, “Get Right With Your Maker” is the right place to start. 48 minutes of straight up, no s@#t rock music. No over indulgent rubbish, just head banging foot stomping perfection. Great job lads!



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