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Review: The Dead Daisies – Burn It Down


The Dead Daisies have returned with their 4th studio album “Burn It Down”. The band is sometimes labelled as a “Supergroup” of sorts, but it’s obvious that moniker does not sit well with the members, they just prefer to be known as a good rock band.

While they have had a bit of a rotating roster of members, founder David Lowy and long-time members Marco Mendoza on Bass and John Corabi on Lead Vocals, are once again joined by Doug Aldrich on Lead Guitar, and new member Deen Castronovo on Drums. Castronovo is best known for his work with Journey, and besides being an absolute monster on the kit, he is also an established Vocalist on his own right, which is evident when you hear the thicker harmonies and backing vocals on this album.

Corabi, besides being the voice of the band, is also the bands main lyricist, and as a fan of his for many years, I know he doesn’t take the subject matter of his songs lightly. His words are always so well thought out and he brings the listener into his mind with relative ease.

“Resurrected” kicks into overdrive from the get go, Corabi going from zero to 100 in no time flat, and the next track “Rise Up” is so crunchy you could get it stuck in your teeth. A huge call to arms track for people to stand up and be counted.The title track is next up. Aldrich provides some slinky blues guitar throughout, but then it takes on a super powerful almost grungy chorus. The switch up between verses and choruses take it to a different level. A screaming solo makes the song complete

“Judgement Day” showcases the band dynamics and you really notice a difference in the addition of Castronovo on this track. Some serious groove coming from the drums on this one. “What Goes Around” starts off with a super fuzzy, old school guitar riff. No pretentious rubbish here. The rhythm section stands out on this track, as well as the meshing of the individual band members vocals.


“Set Me Free” has a nice mellow, almost southern rock vibe, and showcases Corabi. Check out his acoustic album and the two Union album to see more of these moments from him, you will have a new-found appreciation for his insane talents. The mellow is all over though, as a straight up foot stomping, ass kicking is in store for the listener with “Dead and Gone”. Loving the call and answer choruses, and powerhouse guitars are really hard to ignore.

The return of the fuzz with “Can’t Take It With You”, and a message for all the people that think it’s all about possessions, and who has what. It’s kind of a sister song to a song Corabi wrote for Union, called “Do Your Own Thing”. Huge song with a very poignant message. The last track on the album is “Leave Me Alone”, shows Corabi channelling his inner Steven Tyler. Reminds me so much of S.O.S (Too Bad), but without copying. I know how much of a fan he is, so the nice tip of the hat, is all it is.

There are two covers on the album. The Rolling Stones “Bitch” and “Revolution” by The Beatles. While they do beyond awesome versions, I would much prefer to hear more originals as I think this line up and album have made the best album of their careers. If you are looking for mellow album to enjoy a wine and relax with, sorry, not for you. Want to get your foot tapping, head banging, you will be hard pressed to find a better album. Really great stuff on this one. Recommend to all.





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