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EP Review: Rose Dorn – Speak Later


Artist: Rose Dorn
Title: Speak Later
Label: Self Released

Rose Dorn are new on the scene. The local LA band have been getting some notice with their self-released EP “Speak Later” so we thought we should check it out.

photo courtesy of Rose Dorn Bandcamp

First track is “Dirt”, with Scarlet Knight on lead vocals. Scarlet has been making a few waves opening a few local shows as a solo artist, notably for Todd Kerns. Her lead vocals on this track are quite haunting, telling a story of a relationship, or maybe a lack thereof, and the want, of what you can’t have.

Rose Dorn @ Teragram Ballroom, LA - 05/23/2017
photo courtesy of LA Record

“Goodboy” is next, a much more sombre vibe. Another song about a relationship, but to me the relationship is almost spoken of in past tense, without any hope of it coming back. The lyric “When I was on the corner still bleeding, she said, be a good boy, and beat it”. The sludgy guitar tone, really adds to that black cloud over the song.

The EP finishes up with “Heaven”, while still melancholy as such, there is a sense of new beginnings and a love that is new and waiting to grow. The dynamics between the clean and crunchy guitar tones make this song, and the little guitar fade out is a great way to end it. It’s not very often, especially with a new band, that you get all members taking lead vocal spotlights as well as weaving in and out of each other’s vocals. It’s a very gutsy move, but one that pays off, as it shows the band as a whole, and also takes the listener on a different trip with each song.

A great debut for Rose Dorn, their EP is on their Bandcamp page, with a “Pay What You Want” download. I recommend everyone go and support something new, you may just be pleasantly surprised.


Rose Dorn @ Teragram Ballroom, LA - 05/23/2017photo courtesy of LA Record



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