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EP Review: Slow Talk – New Vernacular


Artist: Slow Talk
Title: New Vernacular
Label: Self Released

Slow Talk are a 2 piece from Melbourne, while new to my ears, the quality of the writing and songs could be confused with a band that has been together for years. They may get the alternative tag, but there is also some electronica in the mix and a healthy dose of pop. The crafting of the songs seems to have taken precedence over any kind of genre labelling, which is only of benefit.


Comprised of vocalist James Butler and guitarist Ash Fuller, the pair has been writing in tandem since 2014, sharing a love for emotionally expressive music and progressive song writing. The pair are influenced by bands like Citizen, Circa Survive, Gleemer, Emarosa, and Turnover – and on a composition level, inspired by bands like Gang of Youths, Bon Iver, and The National. Slow Talk’s DIY approach has seen the pair oversee not only the musical production of their songs but the construction of the band’s visual and auxiliary content as well.

The EP, New Vernacular, is released on April 27th, with the single “Golden” out now. Check it out

According to Ash, first single Golden is “an exploration of our desire for people that physically fit the ideals we look for in a partner, whether they be people we briefly encounter in our daily lives, models we see on Instagram, or celebrities. It discusses our ability to extrapolate the little we know of these people and develop high opinions of them.

The EP starts with “Disclaimer”, a great pop tune, where the quality and tightness of the playing is undeniable. Butlers vocal range is really impressive, and he reaches up high, but then brings it back just as quick. Following up is the single “Golden”. Another track full of dynamic changes, and some great melody lines throughout. The big surprise comes at the end with a flamenco styled guitar outro from Ash Fuller. Shocked me when I first heard it, but I went back for a few listens because I really enjoyed it.

“For What It’s Worth” is more of a ballad. It could have fit straight on to some of the latter day Silverchair albums without a problem. A great tune with once again some standout playing, and vocals. The title track follows. More pop stylings but the drum patterns which are ever changing really drive this song. A lot of twists and turns but they all resolve in the end. “Late Bloomer” closes out the EP, and some super haunting samples and background noises get you guessing from the get go. Ash Fullers playing shines on this one and yet again the vocals are well crafted, and fantastic. Watch out about half way through for some next level heavy stuff. Takes the song to another epic level and its easily my favourite song on this album. A standout.

Slow Talk’s EP New Vernacular will be released on Friday 27th April.

You can pre-order the EP via iTunes, Google Play and Bandcamp.


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