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The Sisters of Mercy guitarists new band Diamond Black

Diamond Black Are:
J.I.Turunen – Lead Vocals
Ben Christo – Guitar/BVs
Adam Lightspeed – Bass
Jan-Vincent Velazco – Drums

Intense, sensual and arcane, DIAMOND BLACK are a dark-rock quartet based in London. Founded by Ben Christo (guitarist, The Sisters of Mercy)DIAMOND BLACK bring you crushing riffs, mesmerising electronica and cinematic choruses: a dark fusion of irreverence, intrigue and isolation.

Finnish singer J.I. Turunen’s powerful vocals are delivered with a distinctly Scandinavian melancholy, while Christo’s unforgiving riffs and emotive lead-lines provide a dramatic backdrop. Add a thunderous, dynamic rhythm section, courtesy of drummer Jan-Vincent Velazco and bassist Adam Lightspeed and encase it all in the cutting-edge darkwave/electro-rock production of Finnish visionary Jaani Peuhu and the result is the explosive and evocative sound of DIAMOND BLACK.

Regarding their name, the band claim “it simply appeared from the ether – and it works. ‘Diamond Black’ means dark-rock with sparkling melody, heartbreak tinged with hope, isolation imbued with inspiration, lust laced with loneliness.

Debut single ‘Sorrow’ was premiered on in October 2017 to public and press acclaim – hailed and shared by members of Rob Zombie and The Mission, rotated on Scuzz TV and featured in Bass Guitar Magazine.

‘Ghost in the Glass’ is the pounding, soaring follow up, maintaining the haunting heaviness of ‘Sorrow’, whilst showcasing another shade of DIAMOND BLACK.

In the band’s words, “Equal parts ferocity and fragility, ‘Ghost in the Glass’ is a tale of sin and solitude, crafted to lure you into the depths of the Diamond Black…”

You can watch the lyric video for ‘Ghost in the Glass’ below.

Diamond Black  – Facebook          Diamond Black – Twitter     Diamond Black – Instagram
Diamond Black – Youtube     Diamond Black – Website

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