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Live Review: Kip Moore & Lee Brice

Lee Brice Brisbane 2018
Artist: Kip Moore / Lee Brice (Support by Charlie Worsham)
Date: Saturday April 21st 2018
Venue: Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre
Reviewer: Hayley Treadwell
Photographer: Andrew Treadwell – Hang Me On Your Wall Photography

After both having huge success being popular acts at pasts CMC Rocks festivals, Kip Moore and Lee Brice return to Australia with a co-head lining tour that is one not to be missed for any country music fan.

The show opener, Charlie Worsham go the crowd dancing and excited for more with his low tones and fast music. He is surely one to watch as he rises higher and high in the Country music scene.

As the light went down, the anticipation for Kip Moore was felt throughout the crowd.  He came blistering onto the stage with the exclamation ‘let’s get down Brisbane’ before jumping straight into ‘Fast Women’.  And as the crowd join in the chorus, Kip cleverly changed things up and excited the ladies by throwing in a ‘fast Aussie Women’ as he sang.

Kip Moore - Brisbane 2018‘Sunburn’ was up next and the bands energy was matched by the crowds.  Into ‘Beer Money’, which was clearly a favourite amongst the fans.  During this songs, Kip appeared overwhelmed by the love Brisbane had for him and revered, ‘ man I missed you’ which kept the crowd screaming for more. And more is what they got with the band belting out a tune that got everyone raising their glasses and bumpin’ to the beat just right while chanting that we’re the ‘Wild Ones’.

The energy and fun of the show didn’t slow down as we came into ‘Plead the Fifth’, ‘Just another girl’ and ‘I’m to Blame’.  The signing from the crown was loud and the dancing fierce. During the next tune ‘Backseat’ Kip proclaimed that he loves Australia so much he may just buy a house here and get married to an Aussie Girl’ the ladies went crazy for this and the roar got louder as we got down and boogied with a guitar solo from Kip’s guitar player Dave. As the guitar solo ended and the music continued, Kip gave a shout out to the fans in the upper left of the Great Hall who’s phone lights had been swaying to the music all night long.

Kip Moore - Brisbane 2018

‘Girls like you’ kept the crowd up and ready for the next song which started with Kip telling the crowd ‘Let’s tear the roof off this thing’ and they sure did that as everyone thanked the ‘Bull’!!  This was the loudest crowd performance and for mine, the song of the night for Kip. Followed up by a few tales of love and heart break with ‘Running for you’ and Bittersweet Company’ which lead into the band having a little breather as Kip’s voice echoed through the room with ‘Hey Good Girl’.  This one had the hair on my arms standing up.  It was beautiful and ended with a short tribute to Darryl Braithwaite’s ‘Horses’. Kip’s set ended with ‘Somethin’ bout a Truck’, which was a great way to end his party.  Upbeat and full of fun, which had been the tone for the show. It certainly didn’t disappoint and the fans were left wanting more.

Kip Moore - Brisbane 2018

The break wasn’t too long before the lights went down again and the band began to play.  Lee Brice appeared on the stage and his voice was immediately captivating.  I saw Lee in 2015 at CMC Rocks when I was just a new fan to his music.  I remember how much I enjoyed that performance, and was very excited for what was to come.  His voice bombed off every corner of the room and just took over.

Lee Brice Brisbane 2018‘Picture of me’ was what we were hearing and everyone was instantly back in party mode. This was followed with the title track from Lee’s 2012 album ‘Hard to Love’ and as the crown sang along the smile on Lee’s face grew. Next up was things got a bit more heartfelt with the deep southern tune, ‘That don’t sound like you’ followed by Lee’s first number 1 hit ‘A woman like you’. The crowd was deafening on this one as Lee gave his advice on whispering and speaking softly to your woman.  It was certainly a moment fans relished! Then Lee took it up a level and back into party mode with ‘Beer’ and ‘Little things’!  The beers went up as Lee toured the stage pointing the microphone to each section of the crowd encouraging them to join in and sing with him.   And during the next hit ‘Love like Crazy’ Lee looked in Awe and amazement as the crowd took over the singing and he remarked on how thankful he was to be here and have such amazing fans

Next was my personal favourite and one for any parent who has sons.  The song ‘Boy’ tonight was just Lee and his guitar and dedicated to his best mate who’s son is currently very unwell.  You could feel the love and passion as the song was echoed by the crowd. The acoustic play continued with Lee singing about his college girlfriend ‘Crazy Girl’ and in this moment the power of Lee’s voice was felt by all in the room.  This was a captivating moment which that catapulted when the band joined in half way through. Power came in a different way next as the crowd were on their feet and celebrating being part of the ‘Drinking Class’ and for us women the search for a ‘Good Man’.

Lee Brice Brisbane 2018

What happened next was utterly one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced at a concert.  As Lee talked about how much this song has blessed him, and not just because of its success but the way people connect to it, he asked for the venue lights to go down and for the crowd to out the lights on their phone and light up the room.  And that they did.  You would have been hard pressed to not get emotional hearing Lee power out this number with the crowd lighting up the room.  It was truly a moment I will never forget.

Following this was a solo by Brice’s Drummer Donnie Marple ……… which was mind blowing, and different as a bit of ‘Funk Sole Brother’ was thrown in. Then the band began to play an Aerosmith Cover ‘Sweet Emotion’ and Lee came in half was pumping the crowd up again and got us all ready for a ‘Parking Lot Party’.  This was a great way to finish the night for the band and as the lights went down the crowd starting chanting ‘one more, one more’ and Lee did not disappoint.  He came out and ended the night with his most famous song to date and if there was a moment for the crowd, this way it.  ‘I don’t Dance’ had the crowd singing louder than Lee and was a beautiful and memorable way to end the night.

In my opinion there are not too many gigs as fun as a Country gig, and tonight Kip Moore and Lee Brice did not disappoint.

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