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Album Review: Like A Storm – Catacombs

LAS - Catacombs

Band: Like A Storm
Album: Catacombs
Label: Sony Red
Reviewed By: Andrew Treadwell

Like A Storm first came on my radar when they opened for Alter Bridge on their last Australian Tour. I was not only taken back by the obvious talent in the band, but their love for what they do, and the hard work they put in to their show. When they announced they had begun work on their new album not long after that, I wondered if that ethic would show on the record. It has been a long haul for the Brothers Brooks (Matt, Chris, and Kent) and drummer Zach Wood, but that long haul reaped the rewards with Catacombs.

photo: Dean Karr

The band have been labelled “Didge-Metal” due to the fact that Chris not only plays guitar, sings, but injects some great layers and tones with his digeridoo playing. Believe me it adds some great stuff to already great songs. Kicking the album off is “The Devil Inside”, which has a powerful riff, some great haunting vocals from Chris, but also the Didge sneaks its way in to add those layers. It really kicks off the album nicely, and the video for the song has already had over 200,000 views



Next up is “Out of Control”, with its great singalong choruses is stadium ready. Gotta give a tip of the hat to the rhythm section of Kent Brooks (Bass) and Zach Wood (Drums), not only do they really click on this song, but the whole album, and in a day and age where young drummers are all about the tricks and speed, it’s great to hear someone, play for the song first, and interject their tricks second. Some stand out drumming on this album.

The title track comes up next. “Catacombs” should be on radio right now. It has radio hit all over it, I really hope the powers that be hear this and get it out there. It’s an amazing song that will appeal to so many. Well done boys. Such a great song. “Complicated (Stitches & Scars)” has so many elements with the Brooks boys layering their vocals over one another. This interplay really thickens up the sound and having more than one person that can handle the lead vocal duties really makes this band stand out in today’s music.

photo credit: Dean Karr

“Solitary” brings it back a notch with some cool sounds and vocals but then gets followed up with great riffs. The dynamic parts of this song bring it into its own. “The Bitterness” is a straight up ass kicker. Great hard rock/metal at its best that I hope makes its way into a set opener. Absolutely no letting up from the band on this one. “Until the Day I Die” and “Hole in My Heart” both show the moody side of the band, well thought out lyrics telling the story for the listener. Going from really emotional screams to the cleaner melodic vocals in “Hole in My Heart” is great, especially in the massive choruses. Some really great guitar work too, and just like the drums, the guitars and bass play for the song, for the band and the listener. The quality of the players is undeniable but for them you can really tell Like A Storm is a band in every sense of the word.

 The Didge kicks off the next track “Bullet in The Head” and with lyrics like “You’re a beautiful sickness, you’re like a knife against my wrist” I would hate to be the one that inspired this song, of a relationship gone very very bad. “These Are the Bridges That You Burned Down” is by far the heaviest song on the album, and really follows up from the song before with a swift middle finger in the air to someone, somewhere. Closing out the album is “Pure Evil”, a track we got teased with a year ago and what became the bands 5th Top 50 single in a row (The Devil Inside now being the 6th). The moodiness, the twist and turns the song take really end the album the right way. A huge melodic guitar solo is also a brilliant element in the song.



Myles Kennedy referred to Like A Storm as the ‘Hardest Band in Rock”, and with “Catacombs” I feel the hard work is about to pay off. Not one ounce of filler on this album. The band took their time constructing, recording and getting it right. Its more than evident in the final result. Take bow boys, you nailed it.

Like A Storm are headed out with Godsmack and Shinedown for the US Summer and hopefully will be headed back to Australian shores very soon

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