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Special: Slash ft Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators – Inside The Dream Pt 4 – An Interview with engineer Jef Moll

Jef001photo courtesy Jef Moll Facebook

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Welcome to Part 3 of our “Inside The Dream” special. When you pick up a new album, if you are like me, you spend time pouring through the credits, checking out who played what, and who wrote what. If I really liked an album I looked at things like who produced it and who engineered it and went and picked up other albums they worked on just to see what it was like. 

Bands and artists like Alter Bridge, Tremonti, Wolfgang Van Halen, Falling In Reverse, PVRIS, Escape The Fate, Story Of The Year and Slash Ft Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators all have one thing in common. One of the men behind the helm is Jef Moll. We thought that hard working people like Jef deserve the spotlight shone on them too, so we caught up with him to chat about the album. 

And now Part 3 of “Inside The Dream” Part 4, an interview with Jef Moll

H2Z: Jef, thank you for your time today. Lets start off with asking about the fact that this was an all L.A record. Besides the physical location, what differences did you find between the recording of World On Fire and Living The Dream?
JM: Well for me, the biggest technical difference was that we didn’t record to tape at all this time.  Recording to tape can be a slower process overall and we were on a tighter schedule this go around than we were for World On Fire.  So recording straight to Pro Tools made the most efficient use of our time and made sense.  It was also the practical choice since Slash’s studio wasn’t equipped with a tape machine and acquiring a quality machine and getting it wired in would have been quite an undertaking.  Obviously Frank playing on the album was something different than last time but felt completely natural and right. 

H2Z: Is there anything you do differently when it comes to recording Myles’ vocals between Slash and Alter Bridge?
JM: No. It’s the same for Alter Bridge, SMKC, and now his solo record.  We make sure he’s feeling good and that the room’s humidity and temperature are comfortable for him and we’re ready to go when he is. 

H2Z: How did the recording process change, if at all, by Frank coming into the recording process?
JM: Instead of Slash having to lay down all of the guitar tracks for the record, we were able to leave room for Frank to come in and add another flavour with his own parts and style. There’s a lot of Slash playing on one side and Frank playing something around Slash’s part on the other side.  It added a lot to the sonic landscape and turned out really cool.

Jef002Slash, Jef Moll and Producer Michael “Elvis” Baskette
Photo courtesy of Meegan Hodges

H2Z: Were there any particular songs where you just sat back and said , WOW! This is the song?
JM: For me, it was one of those records that every time I opened up a song to work on I was like “oh cool, I dig this one!” and I’d have the song from the night before stuck in my head in the morning.  The band had an order they’d been rehearsing the songs in and we recorded most of record in that same order.  So personally, it really felt like one connected piece of art as a whole instead of a collection of individual songs.

H2Z: What was some of the favourite equipment or instruments you used for recording Living The Dream and why?
JM: All of Slash’s guitars haha! He brought in some of his Les Paul 58’s and 59’s and it was great to put these highly collectible guitars to work and get them on the record.

H2Z: What songs do you feel each member gave their best individual performances on and why?
JM: That’s a tough one because these guys are all obviously top players that always deliver great performances.  I do think that The One You Love is a fantastic song.  It not only shows them doing what they do as band, but individual performances like Slash’s acoustic and subtle layering, Brent’s keyboards, percussion, and dynamic drumming, and Todd’s harmonies occasionally peak through adding so much colour and depth. 

H2Z: Thanks so much for your time today Jef, it was nice to get a behind the scenes look at the album
JM: Thank you!

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