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Live Review: Scott Ian – One Man Riot, Brisbane


Band: Scott Ian – One Man Riot
Venue: The Tivoli, Brisbane
Date: October 1st 2018
Photographer: Andrew Treadwell (Hang Me On Your Wall Photography)
Reviewer: Andrew Treadwell

Let me start off by saying Brisbane fans of music, you’re starting to make me sad. Those of you who missed last night, where were you? You missed something special. You missed something not just funny, but fun. We had the best night in a long time.

Scott Ian, yes the guy from Anthrax, came through Australia with his “One Man Riot” spoken word show. Its part stand up, part campfire stories, and a trip down memory lane all in one. He shares his life, his stories and his passions, with a wicked sense of humour and in a totally interactive manner. What I mean by this is you the punter will take away from it as much or as little as you want, depending on how much you want to let yourself go, and not in the way one particular numbskull punter did last night, by thinking he was the show. Sorry Scott, we all aren’t level 10 idiots up here. But, Scott made sure that guy knew his place, it took a little while, but he got it in the end.


We arrived at the venue in time to witness Scott’s Meet N Greet. This was no quick photo op and out. He engaged with his fans, he wanted to know how they were, and what brought them there. He was so excited at all the different things people brought to be signed and really wanted them to have the best experience with him, which they all did. Now onto the show.

We got stories about Lemmy, Dimebag, Sebastian Bach, his father in law, one Meatloaf, and the wheel turned many times back to Kiss in the night. When Scott tells a story, he doesn’t rush through at a frenetic pace, leaving you to fill in the gaps, and probably totally screw up his stories when you try and re-tell them to friends later on, he paints the picture, in detail, which does make you feel you are watching a movie or perhaps there in the flesh.


The one thing to take away from it, is the man loves what he does, as he says, “I get to play music with my friends”, and he you can tell how grateful he is to his fans that have given him the ability to do so.


We had a Question and Answer portion, which for most of it, was a Statement and Answer, sorry again Scott, most of us do know how to ask a question, maybe the folks who got the chance were just a bit nervous. But Scott took it all in his stride, and continued on. He finished up the evening sitting on a stool with an Ibanez Iceman, playing Stormtroopers of Death songs, talking about how he has written his own song for his funeral and what it was like to make fun of Kurt Cobain’s death, in Seattle on stage with SOD no less, and then bid Brisbane farewell, while looking forward to visiting Australia for Download 2019.


Its hard to explain what we saw, you have to be there. Its not something you can get from a Youtube video. Its something that you need to experience, and the experience is worth it. Thanks to Scott, Dinner For Wolves and Maric Media for a great night!


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