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Live Review: Clare Bowen – Brisbane 2018

Clare Bowen Brisbane 2018

Band: Clare Bowen
Venue: The Tivoli, Brisbane
Date: October 3rd 2018
Photographer: Andrew Treadwell (Hang Me On Your Wall Photography)
Reviewer: Hayley Treadwell

What an amazing and soul awakening night we had with the ever enchanting, glowing pixie, Clare Bowen. The Tivoli was filled with people of all ages eager to see and hear the shinning star who rose to fame in her heartwarming and dedicated portrayal of Scarlett O’Connor on the popular TV show ‘Nashville’.

Clare Bowen Brisbane 2018

The crowd was warmed up with the amazing vocals of Timothy James Bowen who was accompanied by his fiancé Christina Mullany, who’s vocals were equally amazing. They were followed by Imogen Clark who did an amazing job getting the crowd ready for Clare.  Her songs were straight from the heart and it was a lovely introduction for those of us new to her music.

Clare Bowen Brisbane 2018

After a short intermission, the lights went down the crowd began to cheer as Clare came bounding onto the stage with ‘My Song’ a popular tune from ‘Nashville’.  Her energy was instantly contagious and the crowd began to dance as Clare banged her tambourine on her hip.   Next came the first song of the night from Clare’s debut self-titled album. With ‘Lijah & the Shadow’ we got our first glimpse of the folk vibe that is present throughout the album.

Before the next song began, Clare told a story about how ‘Doors & Corridors’ was for her Mum and Dad, who had ensured she had a childhood full or wonderful memories, even in the face of the hardest of times.  Clare’s parents were watching from up on the balcony at the Tivoli, clearly full of pride. ‘If I didn’t know better’ was up next and an obvious crowd favourite.  On this Song Clare and her husband, Brandon Robert Young, reprise the first duet for Scarlett and Gunnar on Nashville, and is in fact a cover of a 2009 song by The Civil Wars.

‘Aves’ Song’ proves what an incredible, true to her heart, story teller Clare is.  In her music and between her songs.  This one dedicated to her friend who’s story of fighting back from the darkest of places will continue on forever in song to remind us, we are never alone. At this point of the night, Clare very proudly handed over to her Husband to perform his song ‘Hate it for you’. With his amazing vocal range it was certainly a performance enjoyed by all. 

Clare Bowen Brisbane 2018

Up next, things go fun!  With ‘Premonition’ which Clare wrote for her mum, we were all dancing and smiling while captivated by the shimmering glitter girl dancing across the stage.  Another song of the new album, ‘Lullabye’ followed by ‘Longer’ before handing over again, this time to our show opener and Clare’s brother, Timothy James Bowen with ‘From Here On Out’ which he wrote for ‘Nashville’; a song of promise Deacon Clayborn sang to Rayna James on their wedding day.

Clare came back into the spotlight with the sweet tune ‘Little by Little’ reminding us we all have the ability to change the world.  There were phone lights shining and the audience singing as Clare appeared humbled by the crowd’s love for this tune. Next up was, my all-time favourite Nashville song, ‘Black Roses’.  I am not sure if anyone else had tears in their eyes, but this song was sung with such passion that it was hard not to be moved.

Next Clare talked about the difficulty she had writing ‘Warrior’, which is the closing song on her sensational debut album. Clare wrote this song for the children she was in hospital with, her friends, and as she soulfully delivered this song, the lyrics gave the listener a small glimpse into Clare and young her friends life.  There are few songs I have heard in my time so raw.  It was a moment to behold and one Clare clearly felt every moment of.

‘Let it rain’ followed, stripped back to just Clare and her very talented keyboardist.  With the band returning to the stage, who were tight all night and compliment every performance, we grooved along to some more upbeat songs, ‘All the Bed’s I’ve Made’, ‘Tide Rolls In’ and a Juliette Barnes favourite ‘Telescope’. Clare then announced to the crowd ‘lets play some more song ya’ll don’t know’ and broke into a staggering medley of Dolly Parton’s ‘9 to 5’, ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ by Johnny Cash and encouraged the crowd to sing along with Kenny Rogers ‘The Gambler’.  Our songstress for the night showing just how well she can match the greats.

Christina Mullany joined the band back on stage as everyone tried to work out ‘Who Hid the ‘Whiskey’. This was so much fun!!!! I even spied one of the band with the Whisky at the end…… A very quick break and Clare was back for the encore accompanied by her guitar player Darren, with another beautiful version of ‘I Won’t Forget’.

The night came to an end with all the stars of the night on stage and a song every dedicated ‘Nashville’ fan knows well ‘A Life That’s Good’.  I think this was a perfect was to end the night, everyone walking away with a smile on their face.

 For just over 2 hours we were taken on a journey or life, love, ups and downs and just an all round good time.  And captivated by a singer proud of her roots and the show that bought her fame, while showing us all she is a huge star in her own right with a very big career ahead of her.

If you haven’t already, go and grab yourself a copy of the self-titled album form the very gorgeous and soulful storyteller Clare Bowen.  It was truly an honour.

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