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Live Review: Two days with The Superjesus

The Superjesus

Artist: The Superjesus
Venue: Racecourse Hotel, Ipswich and The Zoo, Brisbane
Reviewed by: Hear2Zen Magazine
Photos by: Hang Me On Your Wall Photography

The Superjesus are on of Australia’s greatest rock bands. Exploding out of Adelaide and onto the international scene, the bands full length debut “Sumo” is certified platinum, and firmly entrenched them as a force to be reckoned with on the Australian music scene. The band followed this up with the Jet Age and Rock Music albums before taking what seemed like a permanent hiatus.

Fast forward to 2012 where a one off reunion show lead to a tour, and eventually new music in the form of the brilliant “Love and Violence” EP in 2016. The band with its solidified lineup of Sarah McLeod, Stuart Rudd, Jason Slack and Travis Dragani have clocked quite a few miles and played their fair share of shows, that now sees them at the top of their game, which makes it the perfect time to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Sumo with a nationwide tour.

We were extremely lucky to check out both Brisbane shows, with a 2 part evening, the band really leave no stone unturned. Set 1 is the Sumo album set, which sees the album played in its entirety, which means some of the songs actually get their first plays in front of a live audience. Straight out of the gates with “Down Again”, you know how serious the band took their extensive rehearsal schedule to give this album the attention it deserves. Sarah McLeod does not stop all night, and has taken to launching herself off the drum riser at any given opportunity.

Sarah McLeod

While the live set is not in track order, it give the album the best flow and all the songs get their own spotlight. Songs like “Milk” are just brilliant, with McLeod’s vocals the best I have ever heard, coupled with the ass kicking that is “Dead Ended”, that ended the first set,  that sees the song really take on a new life with the powerhouse Travis Dragani behind the kit. 

Set 1: Down Again / Saturation / Shut My Eyes / I’m Stained / Sandfly / Sink / Now & Then / Milk / Honeyrider / Ashes / Dead Ended

Sarah McLeodAfter a well earned brief break set 2 begins with McLeod solo behind a keyboard for a breathtaking version of Second Sun, which especially in Brisbane, had the crowd singing along, loudly. You could see this affected Sarah, in a good way, to see a song mean so much to so many. The low key portion of the show was quickly over and the band then tore into a career spanning retrospective.




Songs like “Blisterment”, originally the B-Side to “Down Again” are just a freight train, which sees some huge playing from all members, but the massive sound of Stuart Rudd’s Bass, gets time to shine in this.


The bands cover of the Kylie Minogue song “Confide In Me” really makes you wonder if Kylie put out the song just to make sure The Superjesus did a better version of it. Sorry Kylie, its their song now. Special mention to Jason Slack who not only owns this song, but all of them in the set. I have seen Jason with the band a few times now and it really seems like he has found his groove in the band. The set continued on with classics like “Stick Together”, “Secret Agent Man” and “Gravity” keep the long term fans happy, but it was also great that newer tracks like “Love and Violence” also fit right in. Would love to hear “St. Peters Lane” in the set too, its a TSJ Classic.

Sarah McLeod

Set 2: Second Sun / Strips Of You / Holy Water / Blisterment / Enough To Know / Confide In Me / Ground / Secret Agent Man / Stick Together / Love And Violence / Gravity

The band are taking no prisoners on this tour, so if you want to see one of this countries best rock bands at the top of their game, I would suggest getting your ass out to the remaining shows

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