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Live Review: Shania Twain – Brisbane

Artist: Shania Twain
Date: 5th December 2018
Venue: The Entertainment Centre, Brisbane
Reviewer: Hayley Treadwell
Photographer:Hang Me On Your Wall Photography

Shania Twain stopped off in Brisbane for the first of two shows on her “Now” Tour, and the sold out crowd was not disappointed.  Opening act Bastian Baker’s quick but energetic set provided the warm up the crowd needed to be ready for Shania Twain.

Shania Twain – Brisbane 2018

The opening of this show was awesome!!  Shania made her entrance through the crowd from the upper tiers and down on to the floor with powerhouse drummer Elijah Wood keeping back beat on the B stage in the middle of the floor. The once silent crowd let out a deafening roar as a spot light on Shania standing at the top of the stairs. Fans were delighted and excited as she made her way through the crowd, high fiving fans on her way to the stage. Starting out with ‘Life’s About To Get Good’ from her 2017 Album ‘Now’, fans were on their feet dancing and singing along which did not let up all night.

The stage set up was amazing, as much of a show itself as Shania and her band. Moving light boxes and levitating drum platforms, it was a spectacle in itself to watch how it all seamlessly moved around the stage, and the band and dancers interacted with Shania and the crowd as one. Musical director Cory Churko deserves special mention for handling both rhythm and lead guitar duties, along with on various songs playing fiddle or bass, all the while providing outstanding vocals harmonies to let Shania shine.

But nothing compared to Shania!  25 years on from her debut album, she is still a Queen of Country Music. Brisbane were treated to songs spanning her entire career, and while of course the hits were always going to be played, she also brought her own favourites into the set and introduced her fans to things they may not have heard. And those fans ranged from 5 to 85.

Her love for her fans was no more evident as she appeared at her B stage for to perform and then invited one lucky young man to accompany her back to the stage as she started her next number, safe to say his night was made, and he probably had a very jealous mother, who he proclaimed “Is the one with all the money” to buy the tickets.

Shania Twain – Brisbane 2018

A mixture of the old and the new cam through the night, and for someone who is a fan of the ‘Come on Over’ era, I have to say I really enjoy all the new songs. But the songs that really go the crowd going were those timeless Shania classics; ‘That Don’t Impress Me Much’, ‘Honey I’m Home’ and last but not least to close out the show “Man! I Feel Like a Woman’, all of these with very elaborate yet quick costume changes with added a different depth and elements to an already visual extravaganza.

Shania Twain is country, Shania Twain is Pop, Shania Twain is Rock….most of all Shania Twain is entertainment, and not one of the Brisbane crowd left without being entertained. Shania Twain is truly not to be missed.

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