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Album Review: Mike Tramp – Stray From The Flock

Artist: Mike Tramp
Album: Stray From The Flock
Label: Mighty Music
Release Date: March 1st 2019
Reviewed by: Rodney Strachan

Mike Tramp may come to mind as the singer for White Lion and Freak Of Nature, but he is a well respected solo artists in his own right. He seems to never sit still, he is either writing, recording or touring. He seems to have many stories to tell, and his latest album Stray From The Flock is no different.

  1. No End To War – A hauntingly beautiful acoustic intro leads in a serious song of War. Lyrics of love lost, destroyed buildings and a one way to ticket with no returning home. A truly graceful look at the world we live in and the reflections of how our world fights a never-ending battle against the struggles that war create. An epic running time of over 8 mins flies past in this masterpiece of music
  2. Dead End Ride – Beautifully crafted song which would be pair of book ends when listening to this song next to the brilliant “Lost Highway” written in 2002. This track is as solid as a brick wall. A solid tempo throughout with extremely well written lyrics make the formula for a great song. One of the albums highlights within the first listen!
  3. Homesick – The is a traveller’s guide to life on the road. It documents what Mike does day in day out. No roadies, no limos, no buses. A man, a suitcase, a guitar and car. A very interesting reference to bands that think they are Kiss (that probably open for him) and the fact Mike toured with Kiss while he was in White Lion, and they still come into his life, more than he thought they would.
  4. You Ain’t Free Anymore –A great straight-ahead rocker with a great riff and constructed verses. This track is one of the every growing highlights as this album evolves into my ears!
  5. No Closure –Without question THE highlight of the album. A beautiful ballad written about his father and his inability to be the father he should have been. A song that stirs up emotions well beyond what I believed would ever be possible in a song. It makes you sit up and wonder how lucky so of us have had it in life just listening to these emotional lyrics. This song ticks all the boxes for being a number 1 chart topping song at the expense of Mike’s upbringing as a child into adult life.
  6. One Last Mission – A song we can all relate to comes in next! Back against the wall and never giving up on your dreams! Mike delivers a solid track here with one Last Mission one Last Chance to Ride
  7. Live It Out – Live It Out continues the strong tone of the album. A track well worthy of radio play which in some ways has a Bon Jovi type feel to the delivery. Perfectly sequenced, the good vibes of life continue!
  8. Messiah – Great guitar riff and intro leads us in to the chosen one that is “Messiah”. The search for the promised land takes us on an almost six minute journey. Well scripted “la la la” vocals foil the riff in the break down sections of this narrative look at our beliefs and what awaits us at the end or beginning as it may be.
  9. Best Days of My Life – Raise your hands in the air for this instant favourite! Firing on all cylinders, this track looks at the young days, a wild and crazy ride! Active and energetic riffs come to the fore in this track that is a must for any live gig!
  10. Die With A Smile On Your Face – A simple and beautiful song written and performed on just a keyboard/organ. Great backing vocals make this secure track. A perfect way to end the album.

All in all “Stray From The Flock” continues the incredible journey that has become Mike’s solo career. Without doubt one of the finest song writers of our time this album is MUST have and MUST listen for any music fan.

“Stray From The Flock” out worldwide through Mighty Music on CD (digipack), LTD double LP gatefold orange vinyl 180G (ltd. 500 copies), double LP gatefold black vinyl 140G and cassette (ltd. 300 copies).

Out on march 1st 2019


1. No End to War
2. Dead End Ride
3. Homesick
4. You Ain’t Free No More
5. No Closure
6. One Last Mission
7. Live It Out
8. Messiah
9. Best Days Of My Life
10. Die With A Smile On Your Face


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