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Live Review: Heist Fest 2019 – Brisbane

Artist: Heistfest ft Adriatic, Massic, From Crisis To Collapse, Superheist, 36 Crazyfists
Where: The Backroom Brisbane
Reviewers: Hear2Zen Team
Photographer: Hang Me On Your Wall Photography

Friday night was the 2nd event for Superheist’s inaugural Heist Fest, and Brisbane was not disappointed. The night opened with Brisbane band Adriatic who had many hardcore fans in the crowd.  The roaring vocals of Ctroh Sharks immediately grabbed hold and thrust you into their set. These guys are brutal, in the most awesome way, and watching their frontman jump and kick all over the stage just gave them that extra edge.  As they played through their set, they seamlessly interacted with the crowd, beckoning everyone to come closer and get involved.  They certainly drew the crowd, as those who had been outside or side of stage were drawn to the front of the stage to immerse themselves, some fans even following order and forming a circle pit in the crowd.  To all those who didn’t come early to catch these guys, you really missed out.

Ctroh Sharks

Now as someone who pays attention to the actions of people when they are not on stage, I was incredibly humbled to see Ctroh check on a rockin chick who had taken tumble in the pit, and I am sure she was pretty humbled too. These guys were heavy, hard, brutal and everything metal!  Its great to see that we have such talented local bands, and it makes me want to explore More of what bands are working hard to keep the music scene in Brisbane going. This brings me to the 2nd band of the night, Massic, who along with Adriatic are part of the local underground music initiative SCHEMA Collective who, in their own words, was formed by several like minded artists in the Brisbane Music scene to spread a positive message and support each other. So before we get into any more of the review, do yourself and the Brisbane Music Scene a favour and go to SCHEMA Collective,and like the page, and keep up with what is happening with SCHEMA and local music.

Simon from Massic

Massic were nuts!!  Stage presence is something these guys have down pat.  They look the part.  And frontman Simon is hard to take your eyes off.  He moves so quick from the stage to the barrier, back to the stage and then into the crowd all the while belting out massive vocals.  And just when you think it can’t get any louder, Simon grabs a second mic and the depth of sound just rumbles through the venue. The band is having a lot of fun on stage as they all own their craft, but props must go to the stellar bass playing of Rashid, who you would never have know, apparently could not walk a few weeks ago after breaking his leg. Massic appear to have a great local following and rightly so, they are very entertaining and I look forward to catching them again soon.

From Crisis To Collapse

Next up we were met with Byron Bay band From From Crisis to Collapse.  These blokes are passionate about their music and deliver it with intensity. They are tight, they are extreme and they are absolutely killing it.  With strong messages delivered through powerful vocals, this band delivers a memorable performance which keeps you wanting more.  They work together seamlessly and it is easy to see why they are fast becoming a force to be reckoned within the Australian metal scene.  More circle pits and fans moshing so hard on the barriers that you could hear the metal being lifted from the floor and smashing back down over and over again.  Everyone was in the grip of FCTC and I for one did not want it to end.  A truely fantastic band who will be continuing to unleash at each Heistfest event.


SUPERHEIST!!!! I had been eager to see these guys again since their long awaited return in 2016 with their album Ghosts of the Social Dead and subsequent tour.  I was lucky enough to catch them at the Zoo in 2016 where the bands new frontman Ezekiel Ox showed us all why he is the right man for the job.  And Friday night only reinforced that.  I have so much fun seeing Superheist.  The band are on fire.  DW Norton, is a legend, Full stop.  His guitar is an extension of his body, and his dedication and passion for this band is all put into his playing.  He leaves nothing behind as he powers through each song.  He is complimented by Keir Gotcher who, plays the perfect foil for DW, by not just holding down solid rhythms, but also some hypnotic lead playing. He also left no part of the stage untouched. Drummer John Sankey is an absolute powerhouse. He is the most in demand drummer Australia has to offer, proving with each beat that he is where is belongs. Si Durrant on bass is extraordinary not just holding down the low end, but also using his instrument to create some memorable melody lines. The whole band hit every note with ease and embody a take no prisoners attitude that flows through the crowd.

London Adams guesting with Superheist

In the middle of that crowd is Ezekiel Ox.  Requesting his self proclaimed ‘Ghetto Catwalk’, a road case is delivered to the centre of the crowd and for the majority of the night, this is his stage. He is lifted up by being so close to the fans and is utterly is mesmerising, everyone in the room is in the palm of his hand.  He is telling a story with each song, in the passion behind the vocals,  his body language and a presence  that just demands your attention.  Some call him obnoxious, and sure he has an air of arrogance, but I also see a man with a message working to bring humanity together. At the beginning of the song Shockwaves, the band introduce London who features on the song. Her vocals cut through with melodic perfection and take the song to a new level.  In this song, it is clear to the fans that Superheist’s new Album ‘Sidewinder’ has a lot to offer.

Back on his Ghetto Catwalk, Ox calls the crowd to form a circle pit around him, but not without making sure that everyone is looking out for each other, he yells to the crowd ‘if someone falls down, we pick them up’ And the crowd echos this chant as the pit begins. The bands performance was second to none.  These guys always come to play, as far as Australian Metal goes, Superheist are the Kings. The new album, is their best so far, career defining.  But you can read all about that in our Album review, coming soon

Brock Lindow – 36 Crazyfists

36 Crazyfists close out Heist Fest, for their long overdue return to Australia. The Alaskan based band hit the stage with a take no prisoners attitude ,but also very visible connection with their audience. The interaction seems to be as much a part of the show as the songs and the band. The crowd deafened the band on more than once occasion and there was once again a sense of family, which seemed to be a continual pattern through the whole night. 36CF ran the gamut of their career, and frontman Brock Lindow seemed to almost seek out each and every person in the audience to make sure they knew they had his attention as much as he had theirs.

They were the right band to close out this first Heist Fest, they rounded out the evening, and a quick look around the room, you saw everyone sweaty, tired, but overall happy. Heist Fest brought all those emotions out, and all those emotions together, and made each and every person in the room feel like had a new family and belonged somewhere. Let’s hope this is not the last we hear about Heist Fest.

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