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Live Review: Motor Ace – The Triffid, Brisbane

Artist: Motor Ace
Where: The Triffid, Brisbane
Reviewer: Carlie Tanithskye
Photographer: Carlie Tanithskye Photography

I’m a little late to the party, but only a month ago i discovered that Aussie masters of anthemic Aussie Rock , Motor Ace had reformed and were touring a ‘Five Star Reunion Tour’ across our fair lands. It’s been 20 years since the band burst onto the scene and into our hearts, being spun continuously on Triple J , Triple M and Rage in the early 2000’s. I’m totally excited for this!!

I’m currently writing from a gutter in New Farm, where I ditched my smoking broken down vehicle, in favour of making it to the show instead. That’s tomorrows problem! Shout out to baby brother for the transport! Undeterred, I make it in time to the Triffid which is bustling with thirsty punters. I love this venue. Owned by John Collins (Powderfinger) and situated inside a commercial hangar, it oozes atmosphere and plays host to many Aussie and overseas acts.

When the doors open, we file in to catch the first act, a young girl with a guitar who goes by the name of Hallie. Her voice is angelic with lyrics that literally smack you in the face! It’s great to see people in here early to catch the supports, you never know what quality music you’re going to discover.

Next up we see ‘Mockingbird’ aka Rebecca Callander, front woman to all girl Sydney outfit ‘Rackett’. She pours her insides out with songs such as ‘ I fuck myself up’ and ‘I miss you more’, and I can’t take my eyes off her as she performs with such rawness.  An awesome rendition of PJ Harvey’s ‘This is love’ and Bruce Springsteens ‘State Trooper’ round off an entertaining set with the growing crowd showing their appreciation.

Anticipation is high as we wait for Motor Ace to grace the stage. Much chatter is happening behind me about what songs they might play, tears being shed ,and how much Motor Ace are loved, and it warms my little heart! A slightly drunken rendition of ‘Criminal Past’ breaks out behind me by two guys who’ve just bonded and the mood is elevated. Crushed it guys!

The lights dim, and as Motor Ace take to the stage one by one, the crowd erupts cheering and screaming. Its a fantastic welcome for the lads who haven’t done a show together in 13 years. Without further ado they power into ‘Keeping Secrets’ and it’s bloody perfect! For about 10 seconds I am 23 again, a fangirl in awe, with maybe a tiny crush on vocalist Patrick ‘Patch’ Robertson …sorry Patch!! I then remember why I’m actually here. Start taking pictures you idiot!!

Their sound is rich and full despite the 13 year absence, the many fb posts of the band in rehearsals has surely paid off. They are tight and the songs sound amazingly close to the recorded versions. ‘5 star Laundry’ ‘Ride the wave’ and ‘Lorenzo’ follow to a great reception from the crowd and Patch seems genuinely humbled that so many people have come out to see them tonight.

The two guys from earlier go crazy when ‘Criminal Past’ is next jumping up down singing at the top of their lungs. Drummer ‘Damo Costin’ hasn’t stopped smiling since they started and the band seem happy and relaxed. Predominantly playing songs from “ Five Star Laundry” and “Shoot This” and a couple from “Animal” we’re all being taken down memory lane, some of the younger audience for the first time! It’s so cool to see 20 years olds experiencing the band live for the first time ever. After ‘ Siamese’ the band call a 5 min drink break instead of an encore. They return shortly after to rapturous applause launching into ‘ Hey Driver’ and ‘ Chromakey ‘. I’m taken back to the tv show “ The Secret Life of us” ( who used watch it ?!?!)  when ‘Death Defy’  kicks in and the punters start to jump and scream the lyrics back.

Ps. Samuel Johnson, I still love you!!

They finish with ‘ Chairman of the Board’ and ‘ Carry On ‘ and we don’t want it to end. My throat is sore from terrible singing, but my heart is full. Motor Ace are well and truly back and on top of their game. I hope this is the beginning of being back for good. You are indeed loved lads. What a stellar performance!!

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