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News: Bonnie Anderson reveals stunning new video for her single “Sorry”

Following the release last week of powerhouse new single SORRY from rising singer-songwriter  and actress BONNIE ANDERSON, comes the stunning accompanying video.

Bonnie explains, “The story behind the song is portrayed in the video, it’s a statement of love, passion and heartbreak … the moment we feel on top of the world, madly in love can also be a moment where our world is crashing down … we all feel these moments in life, and go through times of confusion.

“Sometimes it takes time to break the patterns we fall into so easily until we can begin to understand what is best for us, but as long as we stay true to ourselves and take responsibility for the actions we take, we can move forwards with a clearer mind and leave old patterns behind.”

Sorry sends a message of strength and resilience.  It is passionate and emotive, steely-eyed in its conviction and magnetic in sound. It’s the kind of work that can come only from the most fiercely devoted musician, who’s fuelled by little more than skill, taste and dedication. 

At 24 years of age, Anderson has had a career that rivals many industry veterans, including an ARIA platinum hit and a current stint as Beatrix on the internationally acclaimed TV show Neighbours, broadcasted to over 65+ countries. 

A bright new force in Australian music, after years of toil, Anderson is finally ready to present herself as she truly is, with a sound that’s uniquely hers.

Sorry is out now – download/ stream HERE.

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