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Live Review: The Story So Far / Basement / Endless Heights – Brisbane

Artists: The Story So Far / Basement / Endless Heights
Date: 18th April 2019
Venue: The Tivoli, Brisbane
Reviewer: Hear2Zen
Photographer: Hang Me On Your Wall Photography

Walking into The Tivoli not long before the opener hit the stage, it seemed somewhat empty, which was surprising given the need to upgrade the venue. Turns out its just more fashionable to be late and miss the opener these days.

It’s a shame as they missed a truly great band in Endless Heights. These boys from Sydney have not just the passion and power, but the great songs to go the distance. Front man Joel Martorana is equal parts Jim Morrison and Brandon Boyd, and he and his bandmates commanded the stage and crowd with ease, especially guitarist Jem Siow who was just a man possessed and threw himself around the stage with no fear. Their cover of Tears for Fears “Head Over Heels” was simply breathtaking. Definitely one to watch.

Basement were up next, and as the crowd swelled, so did the crowd surfers, some really making it an Olympic event. The Tivoli security sure earned their pay checks keeping everyone safe. The vocals were drowned out by the crowd and it seemed everyone left their troubles at the door and just went hard at it. I’m sure there were as many bruised bodies as smiling faces after their set.

The Story So Far came out of the gates strong and didn’t let up. Front man Parker Cannon was happy to encourage anyone that wanted to surf their way to the front, and he beamed with pride when they made their destination, but all the band members smiled and seemed grateful to be back after a break.

This triple bill was really well put together, the crowd didn’t stop, and the bands all had a camaraderie that made for a fun, positive night. People attending the shows, get your butts down early and support the openers, you might find something cool you have never heard before.

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