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Album Review: Sammy Hagar & The Circle – Space Between

Artist: Sammy Hagar & The Circle
Album: Space Between
Reviewer: Rod Strachan

When you are asked to review an album in which four of the world’s premier musicians converge
it’s nothing short of alluring. The Circle has been on the touring circuit since its inception in 2014 and five years later we arrive at the first studio album “Space Between”. So here goes…

Chapter 1. Devil Came To Philly
The album kicks off with the devil coming to Philly which in essence is tipping its hat to the original landing place for the Federal Reserve. A track reflecting, how money has changed our lives through this song. Extremely well written lyrics and solid structured music leads us through meeting the devil himself here!

Chapter 2. Full Circle Jam (Chump Change)

Jason Bonham on drums for me stands out in this great Jam keeping a solid yet ever changing
tempo. This song provides the album with a change up with several distinctive and quite different sections.

Chapter 3. Can’t Hang
Vic Johnson delivers a stunning acoustic riff in this song about living the simple life. Gamblers know all too well the lyrics penned in this track could be a back story to 99% of people’s ability to lay money down and when to leave the game. The band is completely locked into this classic sounding track which is one of the true highlights of the album.

Chapter 4. Wide Open Space
The Band proves their versatility with this beautifully written track. The acoustic intro together withSammy’s ever graceful vocals takes us on a majestic journey. From the city lights to the wide open space, working the land like our fathers once day is testament to all of us dreamers…dreaming!

Chapter 5. Free Man
The heaviest sounding song of the album Free Man hits you right on the chin with its gritty and gnarly vibe. “Give me back my freedom” the band sings in the chorus. With this amazing song The Circle has given us back the classic rock sound we so truly needed!

Chapter 6. Bottom Line
At first listen this track had me hooked as a vibrant track with upbeat personality. The lyrics tend to offer you a different point a view as you read them. A complete change up sound wise for the band and a very well respected chapter of this concept album

Chapter 7. No Worries
No Worries is a song at first listen you can at first listen put your feet up and relax too. After a
couple more listens nothing much changes. Isn’t that how we all want to all want to live our lives? No Worries not a care in the world!

Chapter 8. Trust Fund Baby
A song of excess all too young, all too soon and all too fast! Classic grooves and fills take us on a
wild ride through this already classic track. The classic rock feel is evident in this up tempo rocker which will become a staple of the future live set.

Chapter 9. Affirmation
The 80’s sounding rock comes to the fore in this track. Michael Anthony’s ever present backing top shelf harmonies mixed with Sammy’s superlative vocals lay the ground work for the greatness delivered in this truly amazing track.

Chapter 10. Hey Hey (Without Greed)
The final chapter of this great album is a simple yet clear and conscience look at the world today. Lyrics like stopping war, feed the poor is as stated lyrically beautiful. A perfect end to an album!

Overall The Circle have delivered a stunning concept record where the ten tracks become a story as outlined by Sammy Hagar in interviews. This album will no doubt be on my shortlist for album of the year in 2019! Bring the circle on tour down to Australia guys and the tequila is on me!

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