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Live Review: Rudimental with Sneaky Sound System, Riverstage Brisbane

Artist: Rudimental w Sneaky Sound System
When: June 5th 2019
Where: The Tivoli, Brisbane
Reviewers: Hear2Zen
Photographer: Hang Me On Your Wall Photography

I have to say, I walked into Riverstage with trepidation. A live show, the same night as State Of Origin, in the same city as the game, a city considered a Rugby League Stronghold. Would anyone show up? Thankfully my fears were put to rest. The crowd grew slowly but it was a good turnout by the time the headliners came on. But the night started with Sneaky Sound System.

Miss Connie was captivating and the energy level from her was at an all time high. The duo worked their way through a catalogue of hits including “UFO”. “Big”, ” Friends”, “Pictures” and “Cant Help The Way I Feel”, to a receptive and engaging Brisbane audience that sang and danced their way through the set.

Rudimental took all that energy and tripled it. The band left no part of the stage and set uncovered, and their infectious vibe flowed out into the audience. They have so many well knows songs their set is a best of without them even trying. They just played hit after hit, with all the songs flowing together.

Songs like “Right Here”, “Not Giving In”, and “Sun Comes Up” all went over a treat. Every member on stage have their moment to shine and were all in the spotlight equally. They are a family onstage and they fed off each others performances throughout the night. “I Will For Love”, and “Bloodstream” and “Free” all had the crowd singing over the top of the band. “Toast to Our Differences” is an aptly named song as it brought everyone together regardless of where they were from. Overall, it was great to see so many turn out, and party through a freezing cold night.

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