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Review: BLKLST – Spider Love

Artist: BLKLST
Title: Spider Love
Release Date: June 7th 2019 (Pre Order Here)

Hailing from Melbourne,  BLKLST have been building a reputation in the heavy scene and gained some pretty well known fans along the way. For a band only 4 years old they have shared the stage with 36 Crazyfists, Superheist, Deez Nuts, Alpha Wolf, and Boris The Blade to name a few. June 7th sees the release of their new EP “Spider Love”, we have been spinning in over the last few days and here are our thoughts.

‘BLK.FM’ kicks off Spider Love  comes out of the gates strong, its easy to see why Nu Metal legends Superheist had them on board recently, as its got some similar elements to old Heist.

“Something Inside Me” is a hard one to let go of, nice and heavy and some cool hooks in it. My favourite off the EP for sure. “The All Look The Same” is the first single off the album and it features Aidan Ellaz from Dealer on vocals. Its got a great mix of grit and melody and the riff is just brilliant.

Let Go” is up next and is also the second single off “Spider Love”. The song starts off with some cool moody guitar work from Justin Murphy, which builds up through to a powerful chorus, yet not devoid of some melodic lines in between the aggression.

The title track follows and is just straight for the throat aggression and no let up throughout. Finishing off the EP is “Shut Off” which is a perfect partner to the title track. They both tie in leaving the listener on a high and wanting more.

Spider Love might just be the 6 songs that give the metal scene the BLKLST stamp that might be hard to ignore, amongst a lot of competition. Get this one when its out June 7th

BLKLST – Spider Love 

  1. BLK.FM
  2. Something Inside Me
  3. They All Look the Same (Feat. Aidan Ellaz – Dealer)
  4. Let Go
  5. Spider Love
  6. Shut Off
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