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Interview: Eva Hendricks of Charly Bliss

A power-pop explosion of melody and youthful urgency, Brooklyn’s CHARLY BLISS continue the New York migration as they take in some choice Splendour side-shows. Breaking things wide open with 2017’s Guppy (a record labelled by The Onion’s AV Club as “an instant classic”), this sparkling 4-piece are on the verge of releasing their hotly anticipated second record Young Enough and are positioned to go stratospheric in 2019. We caught up with vocalist Eva Hendricks on the eve of their Australian Tour:

H2Z: The album has been out for a month now, how have you found the response?
EH: It’s been so incredible. We love this album so much, so its good to have these songs out in the world. And then being able to play them for people and see them connect with them, has been a really wonderful experience.

H2Z: People have commented this album has a more relaxed vibe to your previous album. Is that something you agree with?
EH: As one of the song writers, relaxed is not a word I would personally use. “Guppy” our previous album was high octane, 100% of the time, and it was in your face all the time. When it came time to do our second album, we wanted to challenge ourselves, to have a more diverse array of emotional moments, and sonic moments. We never really had songs with sensitive vocals, or a lot of space to it, and those were some of the things we were really thinking about when we made this album. But, in terms of emotional content, I would say its definitely not relaxed (laughs)

H2Z: So speaking of writing, when you are writing do you come more from stream of conscious, or do you set out with particular subjects you want to address?
EH: I feel really lucky that when I am writing, I feel like I am just writing for myself. I am writing because I need to get something out, or whatever is coming to me that day. I feel personally as a lyricist, that it is kind of dangerous to ever think about how someone will perceive what you have written in the moment that you are writing it. Doing that can cause you to limit yourself. With a song like “Chatroom” or some of the more difficult and emotional songs on the album, which is a song about sexual assault, abuse and manipulation, and a toxic relationship, i think that if I had have sat down and really thought it out, then I would not have ended up writing a song like that and a song about that experience. Thinking about that, would then mean I wouldn’t want to talk to a bunch of people about something like that. But, in the end i am really grateful that a song like that exists, and I am grateful for the experience of living through that. But, I think, for me at least, it is really important to write from a place of therapy, really.

H2Z: You are headed to Australia to play Splendour In The Grass and some side shows. How does the group feel about that?
EH: It’s going to be so cool. Splendour has so many bands that we love, and we look up to, but some are our friends so we get to have so much fun coming to Australia and hopefully we will have some time to see the sights and meet new people. And, we love playing these songs from the new album, and the songs we are playing in the shows in the US are going over so well. Our shows are such high energy and we feed off the fans and our audience. It’s such a huge release, I liken it to a “crying while you are dancing dance party”. That party is out greatest hope for what this record will achieve. The fact that we get to play more shows and festivals like Splendour, which will mean we get to play for our fans, but also people that have never seen us before, is something that we are super excited about.

H2Z: One last question. Your shows are so energetic, has there ever been an onstage accident?
EH: (Laughs) Oh My God. Remarkably there has been very few. Considering how much we bang our heads around, and like jumping on each other and stuff. One time I went to band my head down and I hit it on the headstock of Dan’s bass. which resulted in a pretty gigantic bump. But funny you should ask that, because just two nights ago, hit is head on his guitar, and similarly had a huge gigantic lump on his head (laughs)

H2Z: Well Eva, we would like to thank you for your time, and look forward to catching a high energy and hopefully injury free show soon
EH: (Laughs) Thanks so much, see you soon. 

Charly Bliss we be hitting Australia up this month as part of Splendour In The Grass plus also two sideshows in Sydney and Melbourne

Melbourne: July 19th – The Curtain (18+)

Sydney: July 23rd – The Lansdowne (18+)

And as a part of Splendour In The Grass on Sunday 3:00pm  – 3:45pm (Mclennan)

Charly Bliss’s sophomore album, Young Enough, was released on May 10 with fan faves ‘Young Enough‘ and ‘Hard to Believe’ amongst the 11 power-pop tracks

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