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News: Thomston releases new single “Deal”



Hailing from New Zealand, 23-year-old Thomas Stoneman AKA. Thomston has today unveiled his new single Deal. Following last months release Lightweight, both tracks will feature on his forthcoming double EP release, Los Angeles and London, out 13th September. Stream and download the track HERE.

Co-written with Nicholas Chrisp (of Sachi), Jacob Schdroski (of LA Women) and Montell2099Deal explores how the “online connectivity can do us dirty when it comes to being communicative. People are so accessible, that we’ve grown increasingly disposable. We’re messaged until we’re ghosted, and that can mess with your sense of self-worth. ‘Deal’ is facing that disposability head on, demanding clarity about a relationship.”

On the single, Thomston added “I wrote it with some great fellow New Zealanders and it was one of those songs that came together so quickly and naturally, and as simple as the chorus lyric is, there’s something undeniable about the boldness of asking someone “what the deal is” in 2019, coz why be confrontational when there are a million other people you can talk to in an instant?”

This September, Thomston is set to release two EPs. Titled Los Angeles and London, the EPs divide the songs into two sides, both a reflection of different moods and environments in which the songs were crafted.

On the EPs, Thomston noted “My hope is that this will give a sense of structure and cohesion to this collection of songs written with a bunch of different people over the last 3 years.”

To celebrate the release of the EPs, Thomston will be hitting the road this September, kicking off in Sydney on the 19th at The Lansdowne, before playing the Workers Club in Melbourne on Friday 20th and Brisbane’s The Black Bear Lodge on Sunday 22nd.

From first impressing blogs with an experimental EP he released for free in 2014, Thomston went onto hone in on his song writing and craft effortlessly written pop songs. His debut 2016 album Topographwas recorded over five cities in three continents, keeping the bedroom intimacy that he had delivered with his homegrown releases but going bigger.

Over the past few years, he’s walked and carved his own path, establishing himself as more than an internet favourite and furthering the Kiwis impeccable reputation for left-centred pop music.

In 2018, we were introduced to a more fearless artist. His first taste Acid Rain was the sounds of him “letting go” with a soaring chorus over some of his most minimal production to date. His next taste The Heights similarly liberating, an elevating, weightless pop song that came after a “dark period”.

Thomston isn’t pretending that he has it all worked out but instead living by a mission statement that he’s, in his words, going to “turn the curveballs into something productive.” Ushering in a bolder and very promising era that he’s describing as the sound of being “self-assured and thriving”.

In exposing himself as an artist but also creating music that can resonate with the masses, 2019 will be no different for Thomston and the release of his new single Lightweight.

With over 90 million streams under his belt, no mean feat for an artist still in his very early 20’s. Thomston has promised tracks in the double digits for 2019, a sense of structure and cohesion to the transformative process he’s been working towards, over the course of his short but hugely celebrated career.


Thursday, September 19th – The Lansdowne Hotel, Sydney NSW

Friday, September 20th – Workers Club, Melbourne VIC

Sunday, September 22nd – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane QLD



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