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Live Review: Suldusk – Melbourne 2019

Band: Suldusk
Venue: The Evelyn Hotel
Date: 17th August 2019
Words: Sebastian Marino
Photos: Sebastian Marino Photography

Brunswick Street Fitzroy is always a hive of activity, so it was no surprise to see an early
gathering of punters outside The Evelyn Hotel on Saturday night. As doors opened,
most headed to the bar to either quench their thirst or a look for a warm spirit to help combat
the crisp Winters evening chill. The merch desk was also in solid demand with shirts, patches,
vinyls, CD’s and cassettes on offer.

With a simple but effective lighting setup, the stage was set for Melbourne Neo – Folk outfit
Suldusk to announce themselves to the waiting audience having gathered a very solid
following in their hometown as well as across the globe.

With the talents of Frankie Demuru on Drums, Shamus Maximus on Guitar & Background Vocals, Daniel Green on Bass, Josh Taylor on Acoustic Guitar and the enigmatic Emily Highfield on Lead Vocals and Guitar, the recently formed band entertained the crowd with an ethereal setlist featuring songs such as “Eleos”, “Solus Ipse”, “Aphasia”, “The Elm”, and “Three Rivers”, which are all featured on the spectacular 2019 debut album “Lunar Falls”.

With the swirling melodies of the triplet of guitars, gentle drums and bass, accompanied by
the hauntingly beautiful vocals, all synergising to create an astounding balance between light
and dark, it’s easy to see why big things lie ahead for this very intelligent and talented ensemble.

Check out Suldusk here:
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