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Interview: FRITZ

19 yo Newcastle native, FRITZ (AKA Tilly Murphy), unleashed her dreamy noise-pop sound from the four walls of her bedroom to indie acclaim with her self-titled debut in 2017. She will be bringing FRITZ to Brisbane for BIGSOUND and we caught up with her to learn more about FRITZ

H2Z: For people who have not heard of you, how would you describe FRITZ?
TM: Well, I am FRITZ, I am Tilly (laughs), and I make noise-pop, dream-pop kinds of music. Its fast paced but then slow paced music (laughs). It’s full of guitars and synths and stuff like that.

H2Z: When did it occur to you that you can do all this and bring it out into the world? Was there a defining moment?
TM: Yeah, I think there was. As a kid I always looked up to musicians, and I wanted to be that, but I never really thought it was possible. I kind of didn’t know how easy it was in some ways. I just thought all of that was beyond me. I have been listening to music for so long that I understood the basics of how to write a song. I was like 16, and that’s when I started writing songs, and I thought I should do something with these songs. I then looked up Youtube tutorials on how to record songs on GarageBand, and then I did it. As soon as I did that, I just thought “ I might as well post this online” (laughs). And there you go. I guess that defining moment was when I decided I wanted to write my own music. There wasn’t an epiphany, more just me wanting to do it.

H2Z: With the writing, are you more a vocal melody driven writer or more about the chords?
TM:  I start with chords but the vocal melody comes very soon after that. There have been times where I do have a vocal melody in my head though, but honestly it’s more often the chords that come first. But I want the songs to be catchy and have a hook before things like guitar leads and  stuff like that.

H2Z: “Ghost Poke” is out now. When did you start working on that?
TM: That was started in early 2018. I wrote that at the same time that I wrote the previous single “Summer Holiday”.

H2Z: At the end of the day playing live is such a big thing for artists. Tell us about who else is in the band and what FRITZ does on the live scale of things?
TM: I have a lead guitar player name Cody Brougham, Courtney Hardwick is on Bass and Darren James is on Drums. We did have a synth player but she is no longer in the band so we will just be using backing tracks for the synth parts. We have a laptop, but the laptop is un-named (laughs).

H2Z: You will be coming up to Brisbane for BIGSOUND, are you excited about that?
TM: Yeah! We came up last year but not for the offical BIGSOUND, we played unofficial BIGSOUND shows last year. This year is our first time officially in the festival. We are very excited to be included.

H2Z: You hail from Newcastle. Being that its not a bigger city, was it difficult to set the band up and get traction being based there?
TM: The city was and has been so receptive but at first it was difficult to find band members, that had the same vibe as me. Newcastle is very surf rock and garage rock, and a lot of people saw me as that when I started out and I was trying to shift that. Finding band members that understood the direction I was trying to go in was difficult, but definitely people in Newcastle were and are great. It may be small but it’s thriving.

H2Z: What is Fritz’ goal for the rest of 2019?
TM: I have written a full album which is currently in the process of being mixed and mastered. That won’t be out until the end of this year, but just working on that is achieving a big goal

H2Z: How many songs will be on the album?
TM: I have recorded 9. But it could be 7 or 8, or even 9 (laughs). It will be available online but I haven’t thought too much about the physical product like CDs or Vinyl, the songs and a rough time line for it all has been my major priority. But beyond that we have plenty of shows coming up for the rest of the year, so we will be working hard to have the live set down with bringing the backing tracks into it

H2Z: We talked about this years goals. Do you have an ultimate goal for FRITZ?
TM: I would love to play shows overseas, that’s goal just because it would be cool. Having an audience overseas that loves my music would be great. But also more albums. Thats what I am looking forward to the most.

H2Z: Great Tilly, thanks for your time today, see you in Brisbane for BIGSOUND
TM: Thanks Andrew, see you soon

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