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Live Review: The Struts, Brisbane 2019

Photo: Hang Me On Your Wall Photography

Band: The Struts
Venue: The Triffid, Brisbane
Date: 27th August 2019
Words: Hear2Zen
Photos: Hang Me On Your Wall Photography

It’s not every day that band can come to the other side of the world and tour successfully, let alone do it twice in a year. Well,  unless you are The Struts. They are all the things you loved about your favourite band growing up, with their own spice thrown in to the mix. 

The band is stadium headliner ready and they brought that energy to The Triffid, and left it all on the stage. From the moment they kicked in to “Prima-donna Like Me” no part of the stage was untouched, and Luke was in the photo pit, on the barrier, I think if his microphone lead went to the upper balcony we would have seen him up there too. In a day where some artists take it all way too serious its refreshing to see a band that knows the meaning of putting on a show.

“Body Talks” and “Kiss This” follow in quick succession and all the sexual innuendo in the world was delivered and then some. The Struts are tongue in cheek and anywhere else someone might want it. They make no bones about it and many times I just scanned the crowd to take in the connection between band and audience. This is some next level shit, like I said stadium headliner ready!

“In Love With A Camera” sums up 2019 perfectly with its clever lyrics and the suggestion on all someone needs to survive “Fire” is exactly that on fire, not one person wasn’t moving, “One Night Only”  brings it back a notch and you its obvious that Luke is Freddie Mercury for the next generation, in fact The Struts are the closest you will get to classic queen without taking the piss. 

Of course their cover of “Dancing In The Street” gets the Brisbane crowd singing at full volume, but the song fits in so well with their own songs like “Could Have Been Me” and “I Do It So Well” that you don’t really see it as a cover song, just another song in a blistering set from the boys.

The Struts tip their hats and wear their influences proudly, all the while being all their own. They are beyond talented, bring more hooks than a bait shop, but most of all, they bring the fun back to music. I will go on record that not one person walked out of The Triffid unhappy. They are the next big thing, it’s undeniable. I have been a fan since the first record but it pales in comparison to seeing them live. If you don’t “get it” on record you will “get it” live.

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