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CD Review: Tool – Fear Inoculum

Band: Tool
Album: Fear Inoculum
Release Date: 30th August 2019
Label: RCA Records / Sony Music Australia


The definition of an Inoculum is a substance introduced into the body to create or increase the body’s resistance or immunity to a disease. To inject for instance. Did Tool want to inject the listener with fear, or was Maynard James Keenan crippled with self injected fear, so much so this album took so long to be brought to the world? Only he knows.

As an intro to all of this don’t expect just to put Fear Inoculum on and immediately “Get It” on the first listen, because if you think you can do that, you are listening to something completely different to the rest of us. Invest yourself in multiple listens, invest in listening to the album the same way the band invested into making it.

Is it classic Tool? All signs point to yes. As the band has matured so has the songwriting, playing and experience, this brings you a more intense final product, and I can guarantee any other band who waited 13 years to put a product out would not have made it worth the wait like Tool has

“7empest” makes the word epic pale in comparison to the absolute “epic-ness” of the song. We got treated to live versions of “Descending” and “Invincible” earlier in the year but being able to take them in as created in the studio makes them elevate to another level.

Danny Carey is easily the album MVP with not only aggressive and technical playing, but also laying back and playing for the song. A less seasoned drummer would not have respected the songs in the way he did. Not to say the other members of the band did not do outstanding performances on this album, just Carey really shines throughout.

And just like that, almost 90 minutes have gone by. A range of emotions have coursed through your brains and you hope it’s not another decade plus that they do this over again, so you settle in with it on repeat to ride that rollercoaster all over again.

01. Fear Inoculum 
02. Pneuma 
03. Litanie contre la Peur 
04. Invincible 
05. Legion Inoculant 
06. Descending 
07. Culling Voices 
08. Chocolate Chip Trip 
09. 7empest 
10. Mockingbeat

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