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Interview: Vanessa Amorosi

Australian singer/songwriter and power vocalist Vanessa Amorosi returns with a new single – HELLO ME – to be released 6th September.  This is the follow up to Heavy Lies The Head – released to critical and commercial acclaim in April 2019 and marking her welcome return to the Australian music charts.  Amorosi has promised her fans that 2019 onwards would herald consistent new music and here it comes!  HELLO ME is a raw, intimate yet commanding song about setting boundaries and making choices. 

Cause it’s time to be the one that I’m fighting for
And it’s time for me to walk through that open door
If I have to make a choice then it has to be
Goodbye you, goodbye you, hello me.

Vanessa is also headed back to Australia for the “One Electric Day” festivals and some select solo shows. We caught up with her to talk about the new single, her upcoming album and more.

H2Z: Hi Vanessa, thank you for your time. Back to Love is the title of your new album. How many songs do you think will make  the finished product and do you have a rough time frame for release?

VA: I’m super excited for everyone to hear my new album “Back To Love” which should be released around mid November

H2Z: You have said Hello Me is about speaking your truth and choosing to love and respect yourself. We live in a world where instant gratification seems to be important. Do you feel that dilutes our ability to self love and what are your tips for being able to love and respect yourself?

VA: I think it’s super important for us as humans to embrace our individuality and appreciate the things that make us unique and different. I love how social media allows us into each other‘s worlds and gives us a behind the scenes feel , but in saying that,  it is also only really showing the good times and it’s important for people to remind themselves of that.

H2Z: You are based in LA, tell me about some of the people you are writing with and the performers you have on the album?

VA: Being based in LA is awesome for my creative side. You get to collaborate with different  people from all sides of the world. In saying that , there’s just so many artists, producers and songwriters I’ve been blessed to collaborate with over the years.

H2Z: You will be appearing on ONE ELECTRIC DAY festival in November 2019 performing alongside John Farnham, James Reyne, Jon Stevens and Southern Sons, are you planning any guest appearances beyond your own set, and who are you looking forward to seeing the most?

VA: One electric day is going to be so exciting , to be on the road with the guys again. It feels like a big family on the road and as an artist you are for ever learning by watching such amazing talent as we have in this country. There is no word anout any duets as of yet , but that normally happens on the last  night.

H2Z: Will you be playing songs from the new album at One Electric Day?

VA: I Can’t wait to perform some new tracks from the album in the November/ December shows.

H2Z: There have been many changes in the 20 years you have been in the business. What is one change you feel has made a positive change or impact and why?

VA: I love the way the music industry has changed over the years with technology. I’m so impatient when it comes to music. I love the fact that I can download it on my phone instantly and Stream. Another plus are programs and software that are used in production are now so incredibly advanced and exciting,  it sonically brings another level to songwriting without limitations. 

H2Z: If you could pin point one artist as your biggest influence, who would it be and why?

VA: I couldn’t pick just one as i’m influenced by so many different genres and so many different artists. But I love Janis Joplin, Ko Ko Taylor, Mike Patton, David Bowie, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, and Etta James.

H2Z: All of your songs are very personal, was there ever a song that ended up too personal to release?

VA: Writing songs has been my therapy and is also like a journal entry, which is good because there are many many songs over the years that will never see the light of day because they are just too personal.

H2Z: You were 18 when you were apart of the Sydney Olympic Opening Ceremony. If an 18 year old girl came up to you and asked you for advice on the music industry, what would you tell her?

VA: My advice not just to my 18 year old self but to any young artist coming up in the music industry would be ….Understand your art better than anybody else because the push and pull between art and business can destroy whatever was good in the art if you are not aware of it. 

H2Z: We would like to thank you for your time today, any final words for your fans?

VA: I’m incredibly lucky to have grown up with my audience and share some of the best times of my life

We would like to thank Vanessa for her time, and don’t forget you can find her fantastic new single here

Vanessa will also be a part of the upcoming One Electric Day Festivals and will play alongside John Farnham, James Reyne, Jon Stevens and Southern Sons. The Dates are:

SAT 2nd NOV: Country Club Lawns, Launceston TAS
SAT 9th NOV: Cockatoo Island, Sydney NSW
SAT 16th NOV: Riverstage, Brisbane QLD
SUN 24th NOV: Werribee Park, Werribee South VIC
SAT 7th DEC: Seppeltsfield Wines, Barossa Valley SA

Vanessa will also be playing the a solo show and a show as part of Live at The Vines :

FRI 29th NOV: Grand Hotel, Mornington, VIC  *Solo Show
SUN 8th DEC: Sandalford Winery, Swan Valley WA *Live At The Vines

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