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Interview: Pauly Fenech of Fat Pizza, Housos and More

He’s made five movies, thousands of live comedy shows and over a hundred half hours of TV, Comedic genius Paul Fenech has developed his Funniest solo show yet! Now, 20 years after the first episode of Fat Pizza went to air, Pauly returns with new material never seen before!

Logie Award winning Paul Fenech “The new Crown Prince of Rude”, returns with a new show in 2019, Including the funniest elements of his newest Smash Hit TV series on 7MATE, DEADLY DOWN UNDER.

He’s produced & appears in a bourbon fuelled Bogan subwoofer bonanza of comedy! Crowd games! Parody songs! Stand-up comedy and never seen before footage to create a unique multimedia comedy experience. His alter egos Pauly & Franky Falzoni (& few other personalities even he’s not sure of) guarantee at least three people at every show will wet themselves laughing! No sacred cows! All stereo types will be sledged! The wildest live show touring the country. The last politically incorrect showman Paul “Pauly “Fenech will set “Straya” on fire!

We caught up with Paul to chat Fat Pizza, Housos, Bogans and more

H2Z: So Fat Pizza is returning to TV after 20 years. How does that feel to get it all back together?

PF: The worst part about it was shaving my moustache off, apart from that is was pretty good (laughs). Most of us have aged well, some not so well, but it’s very familiar, so it has been a lot of fun. It’s crazy, but it’s good that it’s coming back to TV, because it is so politically incorrect in a time of political correctness.

H2Z: Is it all set up the same as the old Fat Pizza?

PF: No there has been some changes. Pauly gets a big payout, and sets up his own shop, cos Bobo is in jail and Sleek (played by Paul Nakad) has his own Kebab shop, but they all meet up during the series and the usual craziness happens.

H2Z: You have done so much. Fat Pizza, Housos, Bogan Hunters, Deadly Down Under and more, which one is your favourite and why?

PF: I’ve gotta say I enjoy them all for different reasons. For the acting side I loved Housos because Franky is the best character, he just beat up cops and had threesomes. He is like a bogan Fonzie, he is the best. In terms of the adventure Deadly Down Under was great, we went all around the country and messed around with deadly animals and survived (laughs). There is no real favourite, there are different things to enjoy on each different project. Like Bogan Hunters. I knew there were Bogans out there, but we discovered the Black Label, Gold Class Bogans of Australia. There were some really crazy characters. I loved meeting those crazy Aussie characters and Bogan Hunters it got to the point where every day we couldn’t believe how much crazier things got.

H2Z: You are now bringing that side of things to the live stage, so what can be expected from your live show?

PF: Well that’s the thing mate, it’s probably the only show that the audience either makes the show or breaks the show. If the audience is there for a lot of fun, it will be a lot of fun. If the crowd is wild, the show will be wild. We get people on stage. There will be thongings, we do a bit of bogan match making, we have the Bogan Batchelor. It’s a really interactive show. I think its really unusual for comedy as there really is no line between the stage and the audience. Normally there is that line. In my shows we are all together, being as mad as each other generally. The madder the better.

H2Z: You will be up here in Queensland this weekend, so I’m sure the crowd won’t let you down.

PF: I love it (laughs). Funny thing is people in Australia, they call them Bogans, but to me I find that they are really the old school Aussie’s.  They have more of the old school things about them. They like to drink, they like to party, they are straight up and generous people that like being a bit wild and loose. I admire that. Sometimes I think the new breed of Australians are too quiet and just do what they are told. They don’t speak up. I think that’s a shame because that is not the Australian character. Australians have always been known for being wild and crazy, and they are trying to whip it out of us, the authorities mate. But the Bogans are keeping it alive and good on them (laughs)

H2Z: Has it ever gotten out of hand?

PF: Heaps of times mate, heaps of times (laughs). I have had at least 3 or 4 guys get so drunk they try to start a fight with me on stage and throw a few punches. I have had glasses thrown at me a few times. They were wasted. I don’t think I have had any sober attacks (laughs). It gets a bit wild because I play places that most comedians are too scared to play, but I’m not that kind of person. I like it wild and if someone throws a punch, as long as I don’t get a broken nose or a broken cheekbone I am happy. And Queensland gets pretty wild. Far out. The more north you go the wilder it gets. Maybe its the rum. But all the incidents I have mentioned, the punched, the glasses being thrown, 90% happened in Northern Queensland (laughs)

H2Z: What’s next after the next season of Fat Pizza?

PF: I don’t know. Hopefully we will do another season of the show, its looking pretty good. There is also another movie I am working on. It’s a mix of comedy and horror, which I think would be pretty funny and of course a lot more touring across the country. These days I am pretty blessed. The first half of the year I get to tour, and the second half I am doing a TV Show or a movie project.

H2Z: Fat Pizza has been known for its complete political incorrectness. Has there ever been any backlash that was really hardcore?

PF: Not really, and it is weird because people always think we are going to get into so much trouble, but we haven’t. Maybe this one will be the final nail in the coffin for me (laughs). It’s pretty full on for a commercial television station mate (laughs). It’s got every ethic slur and stereotype you could imagine. There is everything from poo jokes, to burnouts to fights. It’s just not what you normally see on commercial TV (laughs). There will be a few shocked faces out there I am sure, but if you are an old school Fat Pizza fan, you will love it. It has the same tone, and while we have updated some things the things that people loved about the earlier seasons are still there.

H2Z: Sounds great Pauly, thank you for your time and good luck for the live gig, hopefully you come out of it unscathed and we look forward to Fat Pizza returning to TV.

PF: (Laughs) Thanks mate! Look forward to seeing people at the shows.

Catch Pauly’s ‘Deadly Down Under’ show at these venues:
Saturday Sept 21 Calamvale Hotel
Tix from or

Sunday Sept 22 The Paddo
Tix from or

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