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Album Review: Starset – Divisions

Artist: Starset
Title: Divisions
Label: Fearless Records
Release Date: September 13th 2019
Reviewer: JD Garrahy

It’s been a week since DIVISIONS was released by US heavy rockers Starset and i’ll tell you now, that week was needed to soak in the sheer enormity of this album. As with true Starset style, there is a story to be told here.

So what better way to kick it off than with the brilliant prologue of ‘A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE FUTURE’. Perfectly setting the mood for the whole album, ‘MANIFEST’ lures you into a false sense of tranquility before launching you at light speed into the heavy riffs that Starset are so well known for. Each track on this album perfectly complements the last.

While this is more of an experimental album than previous releases ‘Vessels’ and ‘Transmissions’, it has certainly paid off for the quartet. It’s hard to define Starsets sound as they tend to mash up a lot of different genres, and they do it better than anyone in the industry. As you make your way through the tracks, Dustin Bates signature soft vocals feature prominently on ‘PERFECT MACHINE’ but he still manages to couple it with some pretty intensely heavy vocals on tracks ‘TELEKINETIC’ and ‘STRATOSPHERE’.

Stand out tracks ‘FAULTLINE’ and ‘SOLSTICE’ are back to back on the album and they work so well together that i’m sure they will be crowd favourites at future Starset ‘demonstrations’ (if you’re a fan of the band, you know that they don’t have concerts or gigs. Demonstration is a much more apt description for their live performances). As the album starts to come to a close, tracks ‘WAKING UP’ and ‘OTHER WORLDS THAN THESE’ wind down the album while still keeping you engaged to listen to the very end.

There is no way that you could listen to one or two tracks off this album, as you need to fully immerse yourself in all its splendid glory to comprehend the full extent of what this band is trying to achieve with such an album. Keep an eye out for future Starset demonstrations and make sure you pick up not only this album, but also their 2 aforementioned albums. When you become a diehard ‘messenger’ (yes, we have a better title than ‘fans’ as well), than you can thank me then.

A Brief History Of The Future
Where The Skies End
Perfect Machine
Waking Up
Other Worlds Than These
Diving Bell
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