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CD Review: Beth Hart – War In My Mind

Artist: Beth Hart
Title: War In My Mind
Release Date: September 28th 2019
Reviewer: Andrew Treadwell

Beth Hart is never shy to pour out her emotion in song without being able to be genre profiled in the process. There is Blues, Soul, Jazz, sprinklings of Pop and more.

You have songs like “Rub Me for Luck” with stings, but also a rock skeleton. The grit and growl sour through the vocals as it weaves in and out. With lyrics like “Your guitar is a bleeding heart / You play me like you play that thing”, makes you wonder who is on the receiving end of Harts delivery.

“Bad Woman Blues.” mixes Rock Grooves and Gospel Vocals, and an intent to empower women around with world, “I’m not your mama, I’m not your wife,… good girls always lose”, shows she didn’t come to play around.

Wether it is the Jazziness of “Words Without A Way”, to the slick groove of “Try A Little Harder”, there is always a common ground throughout, which is the journey. Its almost like you are the passenger in Beth’s car and she is telling story after story on a long road trip.

“Woman Down” pulls at the heart strings, and along with “Sister Dear”, really boil your emotions to the point of no return. You cant help but feel immersed in the album to the point you just let go.

Produced by Rob Cavallo who is know for his production work with Green Day, My Chemical Romance, and Paramore, War In My Head has a lush and inviting sound with a wide range of sound scapes which makes it appeal to new and old fans. A worthy addition to anyones collection.

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