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Interview: Yann Ligner of KLONE

In recent years, French atmospheric rockers Klone have built their name on making music that’s as deeply introspective as it is sonically powerful. Le Grand Voyage, the band’s first release for UK post-progressive specialists @kscope, is an album brimming with that sense of searching and self-discovery, its 10 tracks living up to its name in unabashed no-stone-unturned existential exploration. We caught up with Yann Ligner for a quick chat

H2Z: For someone who has never heard KLONE, how would you describe your music

YL: Our style has evolved a lot since our beginning but our new album “Le grand voyage” navigates between rock and progressive metal, with cinematographic and sometimes introspective accents. It is a powerful but aerial music. 

H2Z: Do you think most music today is just something people hear rather than connect with?

YL: I think there will always be people who will hear the music and others who will listen to it. I understand both, but for our part, we are more interested in those who listen to it.

H2Z: You have a new album coming out “Le Grand Voyage”, when did you start working on this?

YL: We started to work on the compositions at the end of 2017, early 2018. First Guillaume (guitarist) brings most of the compositions, then we work in pairs for the structure and details of the songs. Then comes the work of the arrangements, in particular with Matthieu Metzger who takes care of samples, piano, saxophones, etc… Then comes the work of writing the texts. The time it takes to set up, it takes about 1 year 

H2Z: Where do you draw your inspiration from on the subject matter of your songs?

YL: “Le Grand Voyage” is a theme broad enough to present many facets. We have all made “great journeys” in our aims. There are of course these trips in the first sense of the word… discovering new landscapes, but also encounters, having a child, building a family life. Our dreams, Life, Love, Death… all these important moments or experiences are probably great journeys. So there’s a little bit of that in our songs.

H2Z: Yonder is a fantastic video, who came up with the concept for it and where was it shot?

YL: The video clip of “Yonder” was shot in the Bardernas desert in Spain. We wanted a natural setting that could represent the atmosphere of the song, as something contemplative, and this place was totally suitable. I had the idea to create this character that we follow throughout his quest. We have been working on with Arthur Jarry who captured the right images to transcribe the atmosphere of “Yonder”

H2Z: Do you have any future videos planned and when can we expect them?

YL: We recently released a video clip for the song “Breach”. This time we worked with Julien Phillips. We wanted to contrast  with the’Yonder’ clip. Julien works with little means and a lot of passion, and he has developed a universe that perfectly corresponds to the weightless atmosphere of the song.  We will probably release another clip at the end of the year, on the track Silver Gate. But for the moment the work has not yet begun.

H2Z: You have toured with some great bands, what was your favourite touring experience, and are there any bands you would like to tour with in the future?

YL: We made several tours in France and abroad. The ones that will remain in memory are the Klonosphere Tour with our friends from Trepalium and Hacride. We were like kids, it was very fun! The tour with Gojira in Europe was also an intense experience. It taught us a lot about our relationship to the scene. The tour with Orphaned land was just as intense because we went almost 2 months to more than 22 countries. These are guys we got along great with and we keep greats memories. As for future tours, we would be very happy to share the stage with bands like Opeth, Steven Wilson, Anathema…

H2Z: What music influences you the most at the moment?

YL: For my part, I’ve had a big Radiohead period lately.. I didn’t know the band well enough, and taking a closer look, I realised the richness of their music, and I became addicted. In our truck, when we are on the road, we listen to a lot of music, and in particular a French cloud rap band called PNL… It’s the opposite of KLONE, but there’s something special that makes you want to go back there.

H2Z: What are the plans for KLONE for the rest of 2019?

YL: We have a tour in France planned. It will be our main occupation until the end of the year. Guillaume, Aldrick and I are also working on a theater play called “Inoxydables”. It has nothing to do with KLONE, but the experience is super interesting. We will perform this play in Paris for the month of December. And we are currently preparing the concerts abroad for the year 2020

H2Z: Any last words for your fans in Australia?

YL: Thank you all for your support! We have already come to see you in Australia, and we hope to come back very soon!

Klone are:
Yann Ligner : Vocals
Guillaume Bernard : Guitar
Aldrick Guadagnino : Guitar
Florent Marcadet : Drums
Jean Etienne Maillard : Bass
Matthieu Metzger : Sax / Samples  

Facebook & Instagram @kloneband
Twitter @KloneOfficial

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