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Live Review: Northlane with Counterparts, Silent Planet and Void Of Vision – Brisbane 2019

Artist: Northlane / Counterparts / Silent Planet / Void Of Vision
Date: October 14th 2019
Venue: The Triffid, Brisbane
Reviewer: Hayley Treadwell
Photographer: Hang Me On Your Wall Photography

Northlane have taken the world by storm with their latest album Alien, and the band have been touring around the country showing why their star is on a meteoric rise with their stop at the Triffid in Brisbane.

Void Of Vision kicked off the night, and this is our third time seeing them and they just go from strength to strength. Being an opening band you sometimes don’t get left with much stage room but that did not stop frontman Jack Bergin from covering every possible space and connecting with crowd.

Silent Planet were up next and for me were a welcome surprise. This was my first exposure to them and they were great. The 5 piece haling from California are equal parts power, groove and mood, and educate the crowd through their songs. Any time a band gets on a soap box I normally switch off but these guys deliver with with sincerity.

Canadian punkers Counterparts hit the stage and never let up, and neither did the crowd. It seemed the band and crowd were as one with the moshpit starting to grow in size and the occasional crowd surfer making their way to the front on hands held high.

The crowd erupted as Northlane made their way to the stage kicking off with “Talking Heads”, “Intuition” and “Details Matter” one after the other with very little time to catch your breath. Of course they were here to celebrate the stunning new album Alien, which has received a lot of attention as well as a deserved Aria nomination (congrats guys), especially due to the subject matter of the songs, which revolve around the difficult upbringing of singer Marcus Bridge.

Marcus spoke about this at length in the press and I feel he left all the talking there rather than between songs, which gave them more time in a very short set to get as many songs in as possible.Tracks like “4D”, “Eclipse” and “Bloodline” (which ended the main set)  have a whole new life in the live setting. The encore  “Sleepless” which closes out Alien wrenched at the audiences heart. The last song of the night was “Quantum Flux” and the thankful band and crowd said their goodbyes.

The Alien Tour is the time to see Northlane in more of an intimate setting, and make sure you do and appreciate it, so you can be the one to tell your friends about it when they become a stadium headlining band.

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