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Live Review: August Burns with Alpha Wolf and Gravemind – Brisbane 2019

Artist: August Burns Red / Alpha Wolf / Gravemind
Date: October 15th 2019
Venue: The Triffid, Brisbane
Reviewer: Hayley Treadwell
Photographer: Hang Me On Your Wall Photography

10 years is a long time in anyones language. Making a band last 10 years is hard. When you can make a band last longer than that, enough to celebrate the 10th anniversary of an album with a tour on the other side of the planet, you know you are doing well. August Burns Red have done just that. The are currently in the country to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the “Constellations” album with supports from Alpha Wolf and Gravemind

Gotta give props to the Brisbane faithful who packed in early for the support slots. These bands work hard to get on these tours and bust a lot of ass making a name so it was really nice to see them get shown love from The Triffid crowd.

Frontman Dylan Gillies-Parsons has an imposing stage presence and made no bones about the fact he expected the crowd to pay attention, which they did. He has a great vocal range and can switch between different styles with ease. With Aden Young, Damon Bredin, Michael Petritsch and Karl Steller holding it down behind, they will be one to watch the upcoming Good Things Festivals

Alpha Wolf followed up after a small break and and wasted no time encouraging the crowd to take it up a notch. They have a presence on stage that cannot be denied and mixed with some great songs, they are going to be a force in the future without a doubt. As someone seeing them for the first time I am really impressed at how gelled the band sounds on stage, and I look forward to next time for sure.

August Burns Red. Gotta say Jake Luhrs,  you scare the absolute shit out of me, in a perfectly acceptable and fun way. You lead the bands charge with aggression like I have not seen in a long time and your command of the stage is something I won’t forget soon.

Of course celebrating the Constellations album they lead off with its opener “Thirty And Seven” the Pennsylvania 5 piece ran the epic album from top to bottom, which, in my opinion, if you are going to pay tribute to a specific album from your career its the only way to do it.

It only took to hit the second song ”Existence” for the crowd surfers to appear and from there they didn’t let up. The sold out crowd moshed, screamed and sweated out the 90 minute set and their enthusiasm never waned at all, and you could see the band was appreciative.

After running the album down the band closed out the evening with “Ghosts”, “Invisible Enemy”, “Empire” and “Composure”, which was a high note for the crowd. Its always great when you see a band in top form just never let up and not only August Burns Red but both Alpha Wolf and Gravemind too. A great triple bill that turned a Monday night in Brisbane into a “Massive Night Of Metal” in Brisbane.

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One thought on “Live Review: August Burns with Alpha Wolf and Gravemind – Brisbane 2019

  1. Great review. I was extremely impressed with Alphawolf they have a new fan right here. ABR were outstanding. Extremely tight, owned the stage. Jake is the epitome of stage presence. I was in that pit all night and fuck it was great. 2 days on I’m still beaming.

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