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Album: Diesel – Sunset Suburbia Volume II

Artist: Diesel
Album: Sunset Suburbia Vol 2
Release Date: 21st October 2019
Label: Bloodlines Music
Reviewed By: Rodney Strachan

Diesel returns with the second of three touted “Sunset Suburbia” EP’s marked Volume II.

“In Reverse” kicks off the four tracks in grand style. An extremely well-paced song with lyrics touching on all our own lives in some form. Diesel delivers the perfect opening with a track that should see plenty of daylight in his live sets. “Say It Freely” bursts into your speakers with a guitar riff hitting like a search light running through the airwaves. Diesel’s mastery of the guitar comes to the fore in this song with a guitar solo that fits the song perfectly like a glove.

“Quietly Drift” changes up the direct with an acoustic driven vibe. This track with its easy going tones and vocals could easily fit on an Eagles or the like type album from the late70’s. “Only On Loan” continues the acoustic ride to the finish line. A well-constructed track that fits perfectly with the previous track, which will occupy side two of the vinyl version.

All in all Volume II of Sunset Suburbia will make a welcome addition to your collection and sits faultlessly besides Volume I.

The EP will be released digitally, on CD, and on 10” coloured vinyl which is signed and numbered.


01. In Reverse
02. Say It Freely
03. Quietly Drift
04. Only On Loan



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