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Album Review: Taylor Hawkins And The Coattail Riders – Get The Money

Artist: Taylor Hawkins And The Coattail Riders
Album: Get The Money
Release Date: November 8th 2019
Label: Sony Music Australia
Reviewed By: Andrew Treadwell

Taylor Hawkins is best known as the drummer for the Foo Fighters. Now most people would be content with doing just that considering the immense success and popularity of the band. Hawkins is not one to rely on the Mothership though, today releasing his third solo album “Get The Money”. 

While still behind the kit “Taylor Hawkins and The Coattail Riders” see’s him also as the front man. He is also joined by a who’s who of musical legends such as LeAnn Rimes, Perry Farrell, Chrissie Hynde, Nancy Wilson, Roger Taylor, Duff McKagan, Joe Walsh and his Foo Fighters partners in crime Dave Grohl and Pat Smear.

This quirky collection of tunes may be confusing to some, but those who go into it with an open mind, will get the most out of it as this album lives firmly in the grey area. From the Queen-Esque “Don’t Look At Me” to an “Crossed The Line” which is a hybrid of punk, new wave, and electronica, you may take a few listens to take it all in.

A wickedly groovy updated cover of The Yardbirds “Shapes Of Things”, sits in nicely with the uptempo rocker “Kiss The Ring”

“Your No Good At Life No More” is pure pop goodness along with “Queen Of The Clowns” gets the audience in the Delorean for a trip down memory lane.

“Get The Money” is thanks to Joe Walsh from the Eagles who berated Hawkins and called him a wimp for his feelings of tiredness from touring. Funnily enough, there is some lush Eagles like vocals on the song, along with a slinky reggae groove.

The album shows Hawkins along with guitar player Brent Woods (Sebastian Bach/Chevy Metal) and bass player Chris Chaney (Janes Addiction), in a different light that some people may not be expecting but should welcome. While Hawkins steps out from the kit into the spotlight live with Foo Fighters, he holds the spotlight firmly on himself with this album, and brings a lot of friends along for the ride. If you have the first two albums, you will love this. If this is your first listen, start with this one and work back. You won’t be disappointed


Crossed the Line (featuring Dave Grohl, Jon Davison)
Don’t Look At Me That Way (featuring Duff McKagan, Nancy Wilson)
You’re No Good at Life No More (featuring Dave Grohl)
I Really Blew It (featuring Dave Grohl, Perry Farrell)
Queen Of The Clowns (featuring Mark King)
Get the Money (featuring Joe Walsh, Chrissie Hynde, Duff McKagan)
C U in Hell (featuring LeAnn Rimes)
Middle Child (featuring Dave Grohl)
Kiss the Ring
Shapes Of Things (featuring Roger Taylor, Pat Smear)

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