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Live Review: RNB Fridays Live – Brisbane 2019

Artists: RNB Fridays Live
Date: November 15th 2019
Venue: RNA Showgrounds Brisbane
Reviewer: Hayley Treadwell

The vibe at the Brisbane Showgrounds was high as fans young and old arrived for RNB Friday’s Live. J-Kwon kicked off the night with a short and funky set to get the crowd going. Followed by the beautiful Keri Hilson, these 2 ‘warm up’ acts certainly enjoyed their time on stage which flowed into the ever growing crowd. 

Sisqo was the first of the bigger names we saw for the night. A fun set with awesome choreographed dancing, everyone knew the party was just getting started. Brandy danced her way onto the stage next and I swear she hasn’t aged a day, in looks or in her voice. It was great to see some of her songs from back in the day performed live. 

Highly anticipated Jason Derulo was up next! For me this was the dance performance of the night (aside from our headliner) Jason and his team lit up the stage with their energetic and very entertaining dance moves!! Jason’s signing was flawless. This was an act the crowd really got into. 

Sometimes in the music game, you get to see some cool stuff! Well the roar when 50 Cent took the stage was one of the coolest things I have been part of. He was amazing!!! By the time he hit the stage you could barely find a 2 metre spot of ground but that didn’t stop people dancing up a storm!! I have never seen so much ass shaking and smelt so much weed smoking in my life!! Haha 

This was a set I didn’t want to end. My favourite song of this set was Candy Shop, but I loved when 50 played homage to the late great Bob Marley! I think this was a real treat and the Brisbane crowd lapped it up! This was a set I didn’t want to end. My favourite song of this set was Candy Shop, but I loved when 50 played homage to the late great Bob Marley! I think this was a real treat and the Brisbane crowd lapped it up! 

Black Eyed Peas!! These guys know how to ‘Get it Started’! They hit the stage with swagger and before you know it they are bouncing from one side of the stage to the other.  I wondered what they would be like without Fergie, but honestly, as much as I love her, the Peas are just as good without her. Jessica Reynoso is a great fit and I’m sure will have continued success in the group! 

The crowd was jumpin’ and the music pumpin’ and the Black Eyed Peas promised us they will be back, that’s one tour I don’t want to miss.  As DJ Horizon filled the gap between Black Eyed Peas and Janet Jackson, my excitement grew and grew! 

Janet Jackson! Queen of Pop! In Brisbane! Oh my god!! She was amazing!! Playing a variety of hits spanning her career, she danced her ass off and sung her lungs out! While I agree with the fact their were a few sounds issues, these were NOT Janet’s issues. She was incredible! 

From ‘Control’ to ‘Nasty’ and into ‘If’, it just got better and better! Highlights for me were ‘Escapade’ and ‘That’s the way Love goes’, but these were eclipsed by the last 2 songs! The film clip from Scream played on the big screens and it felt almost as if Michael was on stage with her! What a moment to experience!! 

And the night rounded out with silver confetti raining from the sky as we all danced and sung along to ‘Rhythm Nation’! For someone who grew up listening to Janet and still listens to her to this day, I relished seeing her, something I never thought would happen! It was exciting and she showed she is the true star we know her to be! And to all those millennials that did cut out during Janet’s set, I get it, most of you probably aren’t old enough to know a single song of hers. But you missed out on seeing a legend! And icon of music! 

You owed that woman on stage respect for still smashing her craft in her 50’s and I hope next time you have the opportunity to see something so amazing, you stick around, even if you don’t know the songs, and see where all those performers you love now, learnt to do what they do. It’s the Janet Jackson’s of the world that paved the way for amazing on stage choreography and lyrics that challenged the conventional!  So hang around next time and appreciate what is pure genius in the music world! 

Janet Jackson, I love you! Thanks for coming to Australia! You fulfilled many peoples dreams by performing for us! You are a legend!! Thank you!!! 

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