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Live Review: Rob Thomas – A Day On The Green, Sirromet Winery 2019

Photo Credit: Sonia Bettinelli

Artists: A Day On The Green
Date: November 17th 2019
Venue: Sirromet Winery
Reviewer: Hayley Treadwell
Photographer: Sonia Bettinelli

After a massive weekend of gigs, this is one I have been waiting for since the day it was announced! It was my first A Day on the Green at Sirromet Winery, and it certainly won’t be the last! Great set up, great venue and a lot of fun was had. 

Emily Wurramara opened up for A Day on the Green and I am falling in love with her soulful voice and chilled vibe! It’s great to see emerging artists on the line up for such a big show. 

Photo Credit: Sonia Bettinelli

Russell Morris followed up next and showed why he has had such a successful career from the 60’s till now, and of course the entire crowd loved singing along to “The Real Thing”

I have to admit I wasn’t overly fussed about seeing Darryl Braithwaite, but he was fantastic! I danced and sung along to song after song and enjoyed his fun and uplifting showmanship. And his set ending with the load roar of the crowd singing ‘The Horses’, an Australian classic shared amongst a few thousand people, a pretty special moment to remember. 

Photo Credit: Sonia Bettinelli

The gorgeous and flawless Pete Murray was up next.  A long time favourite of mine and I love that his sets are never the same. Playing songs from the popular to his more obscure tunes, I was loving every moment of it.  And it I just get better when Rob himself joined Pete on stage during ‘Better Day’s’, the crowd went wild getting our first glimpse of the man we were all here to see!! Pete finished the set a few songs after Rob left the stage and even with my excitement at what was about to come, I could have listened to Pete Murray all night. 

Photo Credit: Sonia Bettinelli

It wasn’t a long until we were all immersed in Rob Thomas, who for me, bought the gig of the year to Brisbane. I have seen legends this weekend, dead set legends!! But for me there is nothing that compares to this man and his voice. Rob Thomas is the voice of the last 2 decades! Having massive success with Matchbox Twenty and also as a solo artist having multi platinum albums, he has longevity written on every note he sings. The man is pure genius! 

Photo Credit: Sonia Bettinelli

He bounded onto the stage with the opening track ‘I Love It’ from his new album, ‘Chip Tooth Smile’ and his energy was instantly contagious! The crowd was on their feet from the first song til the last! Backed by a stellar band and amazing backing singers. We were treated to solo hits such as ‘Lonely No More’, ‘Her Diamonds’ and ‘Little Wonders’ and also famed Matchbox Twenty hits ‘If you’re Gone’, ‘3am’ and as part of a 4 song encore ‘Unwell’. The encore also included Rob’s collaboration with guitarist Santana, ‘Smooth’ and the night closed out with what Rob himself says is his favourite song to perform ‘This is How a Heart Breaks’. 

The set was incredible. Rob was incredible. He has a stage presence that’s second to none and is easily one of the most in demand entertainers of our time. 

Seeing Rob Thomas is something pretty special, a show for young and old and anyone who just wants to have a good time! 

See you next time Rob, wouldn’t miss it!! 

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