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Interview: John Garcia

John Garcia is the stoner rock pioneer behind desert rockers  Kyuss, who really pre grunged the grunge era. Imagine Sabbath meets Pearl Jam meets anything else you can imagine. Add to the mix Slo Burn, Vista Chino and Hermano and you have a man who was so widely imitated but never replicated. Forward to 2019 and Garcia and his Band of Gold release a critically acclaimed album and announce an Australian tour which is where we start our chat with John

H2Z : Hi John, thanks for your time today, not long before you head down our way. Are you excited to bring the Band Of Gold to Australia?

JG: Hi Andrew, great to talk to you. Right now we are getting everything sorted out to head your way. I have been coming over for a long time and I have such a connection with your country and my desert brothers and I cannot wait to be there.

H2Z: You have been lucky to have a wide and generous career. When it comes to touring and setlists, how do you try to divide that time up on stage?

JG: We will of course do Band Of Gold. Slo Burn and Vista Chino of course are part of me and I love those songs, and when we get the chance to do that we will, so that makes this particularly exciting for us. I will always play some Kyuss in some form. Those songs are a part of me. I love those songs and I am proud of my past. We love the fact that we will get to visit some of my favourite places as I have great memories of renting a car one time I was there and just driving with my wife from Brizzie to the Sunshine Coast, it was an amazing time, and we always have a great time there. This tour is pretty quick so she cannot join me but I have a day off in Byron which I am really looking forward to.

H2Z: You lead a busy life John, what is your day to day like, it must be non stop

JG: It’s hard, and it is non stop. I am myself, a husband and a father. I also run the most successful and busiest animal hospitals in Palm Springs. There are days when it is up early making my son Marshall’s lunch for school then running the hospital. I balance it out. I am grateful to the guys in my band, we are all local, we are all friends and we just make it all work not just on a music level but on a social level. We have a lot of fun.

H2Z: I know you said this would be your last album. Are you still feeling that?

JG: I feel a lot different about it now than I did when I said that. I still don’t know the answer in full Andrew. When you lose complete faith in something as I absolutely hated the production and the other musicians I was working with at the time. Thankfully I reconnected with Craig Goss again. He came in and shed some light on it all and made me feel good and believe again. I also thought more about my family during this time and what was more important. There was so much more in my life than music and I just needed to step back and breathe and take all that in.

Being able to walk away sometimes is great, then I can just be a dad and a husband and do all the other things I enjoy doing. I like playing music, I like the guys I play it with so who knows what the future holds.

H2Z: Any final words for the people coming to the shows

JG: Come on down and enjoy yourselves, the shows will be great. You will hear something new, some old stuff but you will have a good time. See you soon


Thursday, January 23: Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide
Friday, January 24: Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Saturday, January 25: Crowbar, Sydney
Sunday, January 26: The Brightside, Brisbane
Tuesday, January 28: Great Northern, Byron Bay

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