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Interview: Guy Griffin of The Quireboys

Lovers of fine rock are in for a rare treat come February 2020, when renowned UK band QUIREBOYS tours Australia for the very first time.

Quireboys will hit the road with special guests Palace Of The King for four exclusive shows – February 20 at The Gov, Adelaide, February 21 at Sydney’s Factory Theatre, February 22 at Prince Bandroom, Melbourne and concluding on February 23 at Brisbane’s The Triffid. We caught up with Guy Griffin ahead of the Australian Tour

H2Z: The album has been out for over 6 months, how have you found the fan reaction so far?

GG: Well, we have been playing the songs at the shows and there are two or three songs that everyone just goes mental for. That makes me feel like its a job well done. The interesting thing is seeing which songs are getting the best reaction, as its generally not the songs you think when you are writing them. In the UK “Original Black Eyed Son” is going over really well, as well as “Seven Deadly Sins”. We have had those two songs in the set for a long time.

H2Z: You finished up 2019 by touring with Skid Row, how were those shows?

GG: Yeah, we finished up with the guys in Skid Row. What can I say about those guys. They are legends. Such a great band.

H2Z: How are your livers?

GG: (Laughs), yeah um, apparently you’re meant to take Milk Thistle for something like that, and lots of water, maybe I need to do that (laughs).

H2Z: 2020 brings The Quireboys to Australia. How excited are you and the boys to be heading our way?

GG: It’s amazing really, I cannot believe we are actually coming to Australia. Its our time to head over and prove ourselves to the Australian’s. The Quireboys are a great rock band and I think we are a great fit for Australia and we cannot wait to get over there.

H2Z: You have played everywhere from clubs to theatres to arenas. What gigs stand out to you as a highlight?

GG: It’s always the shit gigs that I remember (laughs). We have had many great moments, be it playing with Guns ‘N Roses or The Rolling Stones, and all that kind of stuff is fantastic you know, playing stadiums. We have headlined huge places ourselves, so it is hard to pin point stuff, but coming to Australia is a thing for us, so that is a highlight in itself. We are so excited. Some of our favourite bands of all time are AC/DC and Rose Tattoo, and Jimmy Barnes. What about INXS, what a fucking amazing band. We are so excited to come over.

H2Z: If you had to pick one of your songs from any album that you think will translate the best to Aussie audiences, which one would it be?

GG: “Sex Party” (laughs). There are loads of songs. All the hits

H2Z: The band are in their third decade. What is the key to longevity?

GG: Sometimes its as simple as putting up with people, you know. Everyone has to put up with each other. There is nothing else to it, you just have to put up with peoples individual stuff.

H2Z: Generally touring does have a lot of confinements, but with coming to Australia and not being on long bus travel will give some more time. What are you looking forward to checking out?

GG: I cannot wait to get to Adelaide, as my cousin Elizabeth lives there and I cannot wait to see her. We want to see everything. So if anyone wants to show us something we will be there, and it will be fantastic.

H2Z: You also have the Down N Outz with Joe Elliot from Def Leppard, do you see Joe getting the band down here for some shows at some point?

GG: Well, we are very happy with the record, its a great record. Joe is doing his thing and we are doing our thing. It can be really hard to get it together. We have talked about some touring. For now we need as many people to listen to the record as possible and then maybe later in 2020 we can do more shows and tour more places.

H2Z: With music like The Quireboys and The Down N Outz, which to me is just straight up rock music, do you think that it is lost on people now, because all the other music out there is so technologically advanced, which means they dont really understand how great a simple rock song is?

GG: The thing is, how are you going to hear the music. Its all about people getting out to hear it. Its gotta sound like the record on stage. The Quireboys sound better than the record live, thats what we do, we make it better live. We listen back and realize how much better we make it onstage

H2Z: Any final words for Australia?

GG: We are The Quireboys. We are Rock ‘N Roll. See you soon.

Catch The Quireboys live in February 2020, with special guests Palace Of The King. Tickets on sale now 

Thursday February 20 – The Gov, AdelaideTickets:

Friday February 21 – Factory Theatre, Sydney

Saturday February 22 – Prince Bandroom, Melbourne

Sunday February 23 – The Triffid, Brisbane

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