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Album Review: Kate Ceberano, Steve Kilbey and Sean Sennett – ‘The Dangerous Age’

Artist: Kate Ceberano, Steve Kilbey & Sean Sennett
Album: The Dangerous Age
Release Date: February 7th 2020
Reviewed By: Rodney Strachan

What happens when you combine three of the most talented artists in the Australian music scene? You get a debut called “The Dangerous Age” from music legends Kate Ceberano, Steve Kilbey and Sean Sennett.

“All Tied Up” Kicks off the album with acoustic tones and serenading vocals from Kate. Extremely soulful backing vocals and some mid track electrifying guitar work make this track an instant classic. “Monument City Lights, 1973” is the lead off single and with good reason. From it’s crackling vinyl sounding intro sound this track bursts into an aura of brilliance. Kate and Steve trade vocals as the bass line drives this song all the way to the
finish line.

“High On Love” sits firmly in the 3rd track position as one of many highlights on this album. A ballad driven by beautiful piano and serenading vocals. A true masterpiece! The title track “The Dangerous Age” follows. A somewhat simple yet elegant track firmly deserving of it’s place and album title.

The album flows along perfectly into “Shot From Memory”. A track that will be a live staple should this trio hit the road in support of the release. The third single “My Restless Heart” follows hot on the heels of its predecessor. A throwback sound to the 60’s and 70’s it’s up tempo tide had my 17 month old son out of his chair dancing as I write this! Attention radio stations: This is a MUST play!

“Girl On A Highwire” changes up the mood with it’s soft vibes and under tones. A very worth lead off to a side two if your choice in format is vinyl. “So Long Ago” continues the change and fits in perfectly next in line. Kate’s sparkling vocals lead the charge in this beautifully smooth as silk track.
The Tempo shifts several gears with “Not the Loving Kind”. A song that sounds like as Sean Sennett describes himself a fantastic experience. A step to the left for “The Losing Game” is sequenced perfectly as the folly to the previous track. Perhaps the best and most unusual song titled hits us next in “Glacial Speed”.

A beautiful acoustic intro which lends heavily on Steve’s eastern cultural influences. This one takes you on a mesmerizing and somewhat mythical journey. Hooked me completely at my very first listen and will never let go. A true standout piece amongst many on this album. The album
draws to a close with the haunting “Whatever Happened to Steven Valentine”. Which now makes me wonder as do songs of this nature what did happen to Steve? Maybe we will find out on the next album?

All in all this release is a must for your collection, whatever the format preference you have these days. Kate, Steve and Sean have delivered a wonderful collection of music that needs to be heard by the masses. I thoroughly recommend the album and can’t speak highly enough of it’s content!

1. All Tied Up
2. Monument City Lights. 1973
3. On Love
4. The Dangerous Age
5. Shot From Memory
6. My Restless Heart
7. Girl On The Highwire
8. So Long Ago
9. Not The Loving Kind
10. The Losing Game
11. Glacial Speed
12. Whatever Happened To Steven Valentine?
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