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Live Review: Queen + Adam Lambert, Brisbane 2020

Artist: Queen + Adam Lambert
Date: February 13th 2020
Venue: Suncorp Stadium
Reviewer: Hayley Treadwell
Photographer: Hang Me On Your Wall Photography

Despite the rain, Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane was filled to the brim with fans of all ages to witness what I can only describe as a once in a lifetime night.  Yes it wasn’t ideal, the rain was heavy from before the show through til almost the end,  there were pools in my shoes and I was soaked from head to toe, but I truly believe the rain bought something extra special to Queen’s Brisbane show. Put simply, it was magical.

Freddie Mercury is a legend.  A voice and a showman that we will probably never see the likes of again.  And I am sure the decision for Queen to continue on without him wasn’t an easy one, but it had to of been made a bit easier when Queen found Adam Lambert.  Thank goodness for American Idol.

Adam Lambert is a star in his own right. His voice is triumphant, and he is every bit the show man needed to front Queen.  I love that he does not think he is Freddie.  He does not try to be Freddie.  He even had a moment in the night where he ‘clears things up’ about this and thanks Freddie for being the God of Rock that he was. For Queen, Adam Lambert is perfect.  He is entertaining, cheeky and fun and owns every note he sings. And man can he sing them.

Queen have such an incredible catalogue of hits and seeing them bought to life was an experience I will never forget.  ‘I want to Break Free’, Someone to Love, ‘Under Pressure’, ‘Another One Bites the Dust’.  Hit after hit it just got better with each song.

There were moments in the night that just took your breath away. Like ‘Love of my Life’ where Freddie appeared on the screens, with Brian May on the B Stage singing and Brian asked everyone in the crowd to light up the arena with their phones, I have never seen that many lighting up the night sky.  It was truly beautiful and I am sure not a dry eye in the crowd.

Then there was Brian May and Roger Taylor under the canopy of the B stage, doing a small set together before being re-joined by Adam. It was just a privilege to witness these 2 icons of rock sharing themselves so personally with us. Adam dancing in the rain with his umbrella, that was just special for us Brissie folks, he was smiling from ear to ear and enjoying the rain as much as we were.

‘Radio Gaga’ and the entire crowd doing the famous 2 clap and effaced hand movements, wow!  It was incredible. But THE moment that made my heart swell with joy was ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.  We were 5 rows back from the stage and I could barely hear Adam singing over the crowd!  I looked around and every person I could see was singing like it was their anthem. And maybe for our generation, it is.  It was a powerful moment that joined every soul in the stadium.

The night closed out with Freddie back on the screen screaming ‘Ay-Oh’ to us and we screamed it right back to him before the music kicked in and we were treated to  ‘We will Rock You’ and ‘We are the Champions’.  Roger Taylor appearing on stage in a snorkel to take the final bow, was very fitting for a night that just poured and poured with rain, until the end of the last song, when it all but stopped.

Last night was one of the best night of my life.  I will never ever forget dancing in the rain with Queen and Adam Lambert, crying, singing and just being completely overwhelmed with joy. Thank you Queen, thank you Adam Lambert.  Brisbane loves you and we will have you back any time, rain or shine.

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6 thoughts on “Live Review: Queen + Adam Lambert, Brisbane 2020

  1. Thank you for your review Hayley. You have expressed everything I felt last night. It was a joyous evening, the rain added to the magic. Looking forward to doing it again in Sydney tomorrow night.

  2. Kudos to the audience and the band for making it through that downpour…have seen them 3 time and every time they up it…wow….it does not get better than this…

  3. I would die with a huge smile on my face 😁 if I could ever see (& afford $$) a Queen + Adam Lambert concert. May my “sentence” be access to their never ending music for all eternity!

  4. I was there along with my Queen loving mother. We were totally soaked but as I said to my mother, as soon as they show started, you forgot all about the rain and had the night of your life.

    I was only there for Brian May whom I have loved since I was 14 years old (am now 43) and he didn’t disappoint. Roger and Adam were divine and well worth the price of the ticket!!

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