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Top 5: Parker Shares Her Top 5 Videos

Visual artist, songwriter and musician PARKER has today announced her devastatingly beautiful new single Become The Fool. PARKER has also announced a gorgeous Bauhaus-inspired clip to accompany Become The Fool. This affecting new single is the first taste of what is set to be an incredibly exciting 2020 for this innovative artist. Parker has shared with us her top 5 videos about Bauhaus artists and design that inspired Become The Fool + ‘The Making Of’ Become The Fool

Oskar Schlemmer’s 1922 “Triadic Ballet”

Parker: Interestingly enough there isn’t much Bauhaus video from the era as film wasn’t really a big thing yet.  There were a lot of LIVE performances and we watched through this to figure a few things out.  This video is about Oskar Schlemmer’s 1922 “Triadic Ballet”. It shows an exploration of the relationship between design forms, the body and movement for which the Bauhaus artists are well known for. 

Oskar Fischinger: An optical poem (1938)

Parker:I came across Oskar Fischinger’s work during my fine arts studies.  He was not directly part of the Bauhaus movement but his work was presented at the design school by Laszlo Maoholy-Nagy.  I love his experimentation with colour, form and the material of film itself.  He was an early pioneer of animation and in particular animation with music (before music videos were invented!!).  I introduced his work to Hans when we first started planning the Become The Fool video as inspiration for colour and form. 

Annie Albers

When we were choosing the colours and design of the fabric for the cloak, and what would eventually permeate throughout the world of this clip, we turned to the women of bauhaus and their textile works.  We felt that directly referencing a female artist in this context would also help us to emphasise the narrative of the song.   So many women in art are left behind, forgotten about or over shadowed by their male counterparts.  Many people would know Annie’s Husband Josef Albers yet she is only now receiving recognition for her significant contribution to Bauhaus design. 

Laszlo Moholy-Nagy: Early Bauhaus Innovator

The city scape contains 4 monuments from Bauhaus architecture directly referencing not only the buildings but the compositions of the photographs of these buildings from the era.  Moholy-Nagy is the most well known of these photographers and he was a key contributor to the Bauhaus movement. 

Hans Van Vliet – Director/Animator for Become The Fool

This last clip is not about the Bauhaus but about the clip itself.  Made in unity (the game engine) this clip is one of the first of its kind.  We wanted to show people just how extraordinary this clip is in the way it uses new software and technology to create something so emotionally powerful.

Become The Fool is about as vulnerable as a song can be. Everything from PARKER’s delicate, glassy vocal delivery, to the melancholy synths and deep, arresting percussion, bleeds with heavy emotion, and will speak to anyone who has gone through a complicated heartbreak – one that perhaps they wondered if they would ever recover from. Speaking on the inspiration behind the track, PARKER reflects, “This is the first song that was co-written with my writing and production team, Hans Van Vliet (QLD) and Becki Whitton (VIC), across three states and I’m really excited about it. When a relationship ends it can be devastating. But what happens afterwards can be a beautiful mess of experiences and vivid feelings. When I got to the end of my longest relationship, I realised I had lost so much of myself. I had been living for someone else and their dreams for so long I didn’t know who I was without them. But through this experience, I was set free to find myself again, to pursue my creative practice with all my heart.”

The video for Become The Fool is a stunning journey that explores the depth of emotion behind this extraordinary song. The viewer feels connected to the main character as someone who is left behind in a world built for someone else. The narrative begins in sepia tones, and as the clip progresses and the character reclaims the city for herself through expressive dance, the scene begins to fill with colour as an empowering metaphor for this story. PARKER explains, “The clip for this song is so incredible! It was made in one month on a super tight budget. It was made by Hans Van Vliet (7 Bit Hero + HUNZ) in just three weeks. We took inspiration from bauhaus design; we wanted to create something that felt nostalgic yet contemporary. Every single element in the clip has a meaning and a reason to be there. Nothing is superfluous.”

This wonderfully considered release is just the beginning of what is set to be a spectacular year for this multi-disciplinary artist, as she gives fans a taste of what is yet to come, “I’m really excited about all the singles and music videos we have lined up to release this year.  I’ve also got a number of live videos in the making!  I feel so lucky to be working with so many great film makers, musicians and audio engineers on these projects.” 

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