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News: Todd Kerns and Original Sin release new single “High” with lyric video

Todd Kerns and his friends in Original Sin have returned with a new single “High” from the 10th Anniversary of their album “Exile On Freemont Street”. Kerns tell us “The song ‘High’ dates back to the sessions for my 2004 solo album Go Time. While it wasn’t on the album, I always liked the song, when we added the SIN Twist to it, I knew it was where it needed to be, that was as a Sinners song.” 

The lyrics in the song are ambiguous, to a point, and opened to interpretation, something Kerns wanted from the track “Oh absolutely, I wanted people to take their own ‘Something’ from the song.  There are many ways to take words like Mother, Sister, Father, Brother. Could be family. Could be beyond. It’s kind of all of that to me. Getting high isn’t about drugs anymore. It’s about music. It’s about creating and playing music with people I love and I’m very fortunate to have made that my life.”

“As a sober guy” Kerns continues “I find the song could have multiple meanings. Whatever gets you off. Whatever gets you high. For me it’s always been music. It’s interesting as I come from a country (Canada) where weed is now legal nationwide and I live in a state (Nevada) where it’s also legal it takes away the outlaw rebelliousness of ‘getting high’. It’s perfectly acceptable now. To me the song refers to much more but I like to leave that up to the listener to find their own interpretation.” 

Original Sin, which started as The Sin City Sinners, one of Las Vegas’ most awarded bands, is made up of Kerns, Brent Muscat, Doc Ellis and Rob Cournoyer, started around 2007, not long after Kerns made the move to Vegas “I had no idea I would still be here now, I first came in 2003 but made the move in October of 2006. Even then I had no permanent plan in mind. By 2007 the Original Sinners were already playing together. By 2010 I was playing with Slash. My time with Slash, Myles Kennedy and the guys made the past 10 years go very fast.

Kerns of course is always looking forward and when time allows has been working on new music as a follow up to the critically acclaimed “Borrowing Trouble” from 2013. “The solo record gets picked at every now and again. I’m about half finished the follow up to ‘Borrowing Trouble’ which was largely acoustic. This one will be as well. It’s one of my great loves playing acoustic shows. I look forward to doing those a lot more again sometime down the road.”

For now we have “Exile On Freemont Street – 10 Years In Exile” to satisfy our senses. The album can be ordered by emailing here

The Album is $25US in North America $30US everywhere else

Original Sin will also be celebrating the release by playing a show at Counts Vamp’d with Frankie and The Studs on March 27th.

VIP Packages are available here

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