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Everyone from the West Coast – If you’ve ever seen the footage of the ‘Up In Smoke Tour’ with Dr. DreSnoop DoggIce Cube and Eminem then you’d know how awesome that whole thing looked. If I had the status and could go back in time, that bunch of artists would have to be the all time number one choice. I could have done the whole list with just the artists from this tour but whatever.

Queens Of The Stone Age – The last time I saw them which was on their most recent Australian tour, the performance was so flawless that I was actually depressed for days afterwards. I can’t put my finger on why exactly but I think it was some deep seated resentment type thing. It was absolutely unbelievable. Even if I wasn’t a fan of the songs, you can’t fault the execution. God Damn.

Beastie Boys – It’s a long shot now that MCA has passed away but if i could have toured with them somehow I’m sure the backstage shenanigans would be as fun as the actual shows. Such wholesome kids.

Logic – Thinking about my new school influences this guy really has built himself up from nothing and I know a lot of thought goes into everything he does. I’d really like to be a part of his show somehow just to get an insight into how the dudes ticks but he’s got some bangers that’d be rad to see live too. And he can solve a rubik’s cube while rapping which I’m yet to master.

Tom Waits – Curve ball answer but yeah, such a unique performer and songwriting. I just love the dude and would love to have the chance to hang with him and maybe perform. Could be a dangerously mismatched line-up but I’m all about the contrast. 🙂

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