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News: Keith Urban Releases New Single “Polaroid”

“We’ve come a long way since
We were strangers in a basement
At a party we hated
Trying to make conversation
The night it was taken I didn’t have a clue
That some day I’d be something more
Than just a boy in a polaroid with you”

multiple ARIA and Grammy Award winner Keith Urban’s brand new single “Polaroid,” which comes ahead of his Spring 2020 album release. You can stream “Polaroid” here.

An upbeat guitar driven pop song, the track builds around a dynamic riff before lifting the song into a melody-laden chorus. Just as a Polaroid picture captures a single moment in time, “Polaroid” evokes a special moment – a universal feeling everyone can imagine.

“’Polaroid’ captures not only a moment, but THE moment. After coming across the photo again, it becomes a portal back in time,” said Urban. “‘The night it was taken I didn’t have a clue, that someday I’d be something more than just a boy in a polaroid with you’.”

“Polaroid,” a song that Urban says he connected with almost immediately, is paired with a striking, technologically playful music video that sees Urban seamlessly moving through at an times surreal and motionless backyard pool party.

“I really connected with the song,” said Urban. “I used to have this house that I lived in with a few guys in my band and at some point, someone gave us this Polaroid camera. We used it to take pictures of everybody and everything – crazy stuff that happened. We had all of these different pictures posted on a big board and I so clearly saw that the minute I heard the song.”

In addition, Urban’s partnership with video director Dano Serny serves “Polaroid” by bringing it to life – something that Urban says is at the core of a successful music video.

“I was sent a really simple treatment,” explains Urban. “It was all centred around a pool party and this contraption called a MoCo that’s programmed to do what you see in the video – swoop in, pan out, look around and swoop right back and do the exact same motion again and again. You’re able to place people in these different places, positions and then freeze moments. It was pretty trippy.”

“There was one scene – I was off camera – there was a couple on a diving board and this girl continues to straddle this guy in between takes and I’m thinking ‘man they’re really committed to this role’,” Urban explains. “Turned out that almost all of the couples were actually couples.”

“Polaroid” showcases Urban’s musical skills as a premier vocalist, musician, virtuoso guitarist and genuine music superstar, traits that have seen him sell over 20 million albums globally.

Co-produced by Urban and Joey Moi, “Polaroid” was written by some of the biggest and most contemporary names in songwriting, Sam Fischer (Demi Lovato, Jessie J), Steph Jones (P!nk, Selena Gomez), Geoff Warburton (5 Seconds of Summer, Shawn Mendes), Griffen Palmer and Mark Trussell.

Urban is a five-time ARIA Award winner and four-time Grammy Award winner.

In 2019 Urban officially wrapped a nearly two-year stretch that began with the #1 simultaneous debut in Australia, the U.S. and Canada of his 9th studio album ‘Graffiti U’, and concluded with his critically acclaimed ‘GRAFFITI U WORLD TOUR’ which played to more than a million fans in seven countries on three continents.

Along with his impressive solo discography, Urban’s collaborations with a diverse group of artists include Post Malone, Taylor Swift, Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, Nile Rogers, The Rolling Stones and John Mayer.

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