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Interview: Snake Sabo of Skid Row

Photo by Hang Me On Your Wall Photography

Its been over 30 years since Skid Row unleashed their blistering debut album on the world. The band showed it wasnt a one trick pony with the follow up “Slave To The Grind, which debuted at number 1 on the Billboard Chart. More full length albums and EPs have been released by the band since as well as their great home videos. May 1st 2020, we were lucky enough to catch up with band co-founder and guitarist Dave “The Snake” Sabo. In this interview , Snake brings us up to speed on the progress of the new Skid Row album, the potential of a live album with ZP Theart and also having ZP redo the lead vocals on some older Skid Row Songs. Ladies and Gentleman we present Snake Sabo of Skid Row

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Skid Row are
Dave “The Snake” Sabo
Rachel Bolan
Scotti Hill
ZP Theart

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