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Album Review: Mike Tramp – Second Time Around

Artist: Mike Tramp
Album: Second Time Around”
Release Date: May 1st 2020
Record Label: Target Records
Reviewer: Rod Strachan

Just over a year on from the release of “Stray From The Flock” Mike Tramp returns with another highly anticipated release in “Second Time Around”. In what could be described as a diary of life on the road, this new 10 track album delivers a great account of a true warrior of the touring life.

“All Of My Life” opens the album with an almost 7 minute journey into the very way Mike has lived his life for over four decades. “The Road” takes a step back in tempo but lacks nothing in vision and precision. An anthem for standing up and following your own path in life. Beautifully crafted contradictive lyrics give us all an insight into the life of a rock and roll lifestyle.

“Anymore” driven by its soulful acoustic guitar lines is a ballad for the ages. Mike delivers a top shelf vocal performance in a track filled with some of the hardest relationship ending words one faces in their life. Picking us up from the canvas “Come On” is a heart felt track with catchy hooks and lyrics. “Between Good and Bad” continues right on where the previous track left off, perfectly sequenced allies.

“Lay Down Your Guns” is the start of what would be side two of a vinyl version release. Clocking in at just over 6 minutes, if you like the simple yet complex journey certain songs can take you on. Then this song is for you. From the exquisite piano intro and through to its haunting magical end “Highway” is a true standout track. This is the Mike Tramp staple track each and every release has and you come to expect.

“No Tomorrow” is a song of immense importance looking at today’s world. “No Tomorrow/Gonna Do It Today” sums up this great rock song. “Back To You” continues the great up tempo ensemble that squeezes the guitar driven riffs of side two!

The final track is a case of saving the best for last for the album. “When She Cries” is simply an amazing track that should go down in the annuals of classic ballads. Astonishingly written lyrics and musicianship, there are simply no words to describe how alluring this song truly is.

In closing Mike should be applauded for his continued stream of album releases. “Second Time Around” is yet another example of an artist forever evolving his craft where many of his peers fall short in continuing to do so.

1. All of My Life
2. The Road
3. Anymore
4. Come On
5. Between Good And Bad
6. Lay Down Your Guns
7. Highway
8. No Tomorrow
9. Back to You
10. When She Cries

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