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Album Review: Corey Taylor – CMFT

Artist: Corey Taylor
Album: CMFT
Release Date: October 2nd 2020
Reviewer: Hayley Treadwell

He’s a highly acclaimed singer, songwriter and musician. His voice has a uniqueness about it and his range is out of this world. He’s been screaming at us and soothing us with his voice as the front man of Slipknot and Stone Sour for over 20 years. But this year, tomorrow, Corey Taylor releases his highly anticipated debut solo album CMFT. There has been a lot of hype around this album. Some of it negative which shocks me. Respect the artist for the artist. They can have multiple projects and be successful at all of them. This album is a testament to that.

Photo: Jayde Lotus Photography

I didn’t actually read any of the publicity going on around this album. I just wanted to hear it and feel it for what it was. And I am so happy I did. I am a massive fan and I have been waiting for this for a long time. The single releases from the album certainly made me wonder what was to come. Such a different sound to each song. I have to say my favourite of these releases is the first track on the album ‘HWY 666’. What a great way to start this journey, it just pulls you straight in.

I love ‘CMFT Must Be Stopped’ (ft. Tech N9ne and Kid Bookie), it’s such a celebration of self. I know people have raged on it for being egotistical, but I think those people just need to lighten up and learn how to have a bit of fun. I feel like this song is just telling all those haters to fuck off. It’s saying, I don’t need your approval, I am Corey Mother Fucking Taylor.

‘Black Eyes Blue’, it’s got a passion to it that I dig. It’s a love song. A song about feeling alone and then finding your one, it really is quite sweet. ‘Culture Head’ was the last release and the beat gets stuck in your chest and with its intertwining political argument, the words get stuck in your head.

Hearing the unreleased song on the album was so exciting, I couldn’t wait to hear them.

I love the classic rock/backyard BBQ feel of the songs Samantha’s Gone (probably my favourite ‘classic rock’ song on the album) Meine Lux, Halfway Down and Everyone Dies on My Birthday. Track 7, ‘Kansas’ brings a great twist . It feels somewhat country, but our usual Heavy metal front man fits in that pocket so well.

I can’t go past ‘Silverfish’, definitely a highlight on the album. The acoustic guitar at the beginning of this song is immediately captivating and the bluesy overtone keeps you right there until the end. Corey’s vocals are so strong and lyrically it’s beautiful, one I feel fans will really relate to. ‘The Maria Fire’ is a great vocal performance and just shows off how much range Corey has.

With the varied choices on the album, I didn’t expect my favourite song to be ‘Home’, but WOW. I haven’t heard a ballad this good in a very long time, it’s so raw. It made me cry from the first verse until the end of the song. Corey delivers it with such emotion and truth, you really feel the story in this one.

Photo: Jayde Lotus Photography

The album winds up with ‘European Tour Bus Bathroom Song’ which instantly made me feel like I was in a winning football teams’ locker room. With its fast pace and chant type lyrics, it feels like a fitting celebration of the work put in.

There is no overall theme to CMFT. It hops across genres and twist and turns throughout but each song stands so well on its own.

CMFT is a hell of a lot of fun. And between the fun, there are moments of genuine, deep beauty. It made me smile, laugh, think and cry. I absolutely love it!! It’s a fantastically well rounded album from a multi-talented, multi-faceted artist.

For those genuine fans of music and what Corey does, wherever he does it, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Photo: Jayde Lotus Photography

Corey Taylor’s Band Is:
Christian Martucci  – guitar
Zach Throne – guitar
Jason Christopher – bass
Dustin Schoenhofer – drums

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