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Tasmania’s genre-bending four-piece Spkezy (Speak Easy) are today releasing their lead single “Dopesick” from upcoming debut EP ‘Midnight Club‘ – due out Friday November 13!

“Dopesick” is the first to drop from upcoming debut EP ‘Midnight Club’, due out mid November. The video premiered yesterday at TheMusic, where guitarist and key player Joel Hallam explained: “With Dopesick, we really wanted to push the ‘80s elements a little harder than we previously had.”

“Doing everything in-house, we were able to experiment with different instruments like saxophone and utilise more prominent synth parts, but still keep the essence of what the Spkezy sound is comprised of.

The new single represents a conversation between two people, one of which has a substance abuse problem and has promised the other that they will seek help. The truth of the situation is that the promise is much harder to keep than it originally seemed, particularly when there are outside influences derailing the road to rehabilitation.

The band pride themselves on being a completely DIY band, from the mixing and mastering to the artwork and design, ultimately striving to deliver listeners the most authentic Spkezy experience. ‘Midnight Club’ at its core represents love and loss and where these elements fall in relation to being human. Hallam adds “each song has been crafted from real-life situations and real pain. These emotions are laid bare across a soundscape reminiscent of today’s R&B, EDM, pop and the always driving aggression of rock. Enjoy the ride.”

Spkezy is Luke Vaessen (vocals), Joel Hallam (guitar, samples, keyboard), Owen Broad (drums) and Ryan Barker (bass) and is the product of a few friends who previously played in heavier bands coming together to create music more genuine to their influences – while still maintaining the underlying alternative rock elements that brought them together in the first place.

Across an 80’s inspired soundscape, futuristic EDM pulses throughout their music like an old movie continuously looping on VCR. Sugary sweet pop sensibilities melt away over auto-tuned R&B hooks and melodies. Underpinned on a foundation of aggressive, driving rock and beat heavy hip-hop making sure you can feel the specialised alt dark pop/rock sounds deep within your chest. Hallam adds “These elements are weaved together through a definite 80s influence, sometimes maniacally, but always with purpose and cohesion.”

‘Midnight Club’ will be released Friday November 13. “Dopesick” is available now to stream and purchase!

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